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Posted 8 September 2022

Recertified 4TB My Book Duo RAID-0 Ready Desktop Storage - £64.99 Delivered @ Western Digital

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Didn't think this was too shabby on the 4TB model, which can be upgraded later if you wanted to. It's a recertified model with a year warranty. It will obviously be formatted and ready to go when you get it, unless you're using it for a Mac OS.

Delivery is free.

I did try it with the £5 off code, but it comes to the same price (removes the current £5 off to then add the £5 off code)

The My Book™ Duo drive has massive capacity for storing photos, videos, documents and music. RAID-0 mode provides super-fast performance with up to 360MB/s2 sequential read speeds (using the USB Type-C™ port). Switch to RAID-1 configuration for redundancy and to mirror data on the WD Red™ drives inside. A USB Type-C port with all cables included makes it universally compatible (supports USB 3.1 Gen 1/3.0/2.0). Two USB 3.0 Type-A hub ports deliver flexibility for additional accessories.

Massive Capacity
The My Book™ Duo drive has up to 28TB1 capacity with a single cable. Free up valuable space on all your computers. Store and back up your photo, video and music collections, and important documents in one reliable place.

RAID-0 Ready Out of the Box
Ready to perform at maximum speed and capacity in default mode, RAID-0. Reconfigure the drive to RAID-1 for redundancy (data mirroring), or use it as two independent drives (JBOD) with the included WD Drive Utilities™ software.

RAID-Optimized WD Red™ Drives
The My Book™ Duo drive comes with RAID-optimized WD Red™ drives inside to deliver high-speed, quality storage to rely on. RAID-optimized firmware is perfect for two-disk array systems with auto management of drive operations to help ensure read/write cycle data integrity.

It's an impressive drive
The My Book Duo drive has massive storage for your massive media collection. With super-fast transfer rates, you can store or archive all your large files from DSLRs, action cameras, drones, and other devices.

USB 3.1 Ready, Plus USB 3.0 Hub Ports
Compatible with USB 3.1 and USB 3.0/2.0, the My Book™ Duo drive works to deliver high-speed connectivity no matter the interface. Includes both USB Type-C™ to Type-C and Type-C to Type-A cables.

The My Book™ Duo drive can serve as a quasi-docking station with 2x USB 3.0 Type-A hub ports for accessories, including additional storage, keyboard, and mouse, card readers, USBs, or phone sync and charge.

256-Bit AES Hardware Encryption and Password Protection
The My Book™ Duo drive comes with 256-bit AES Hardware Encryption with WD Security™ software built in to help keep private content secure. Set a personalized password to activate hardware encryption and data protection.

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    Be aware that it's RAID 0 which means NO data protection. If one of the 2 drives in this unit fails then it will take all the data from both drives with it.
    Pre-set yes but Reconfigure the drive to RAID-1 for redundancy

    Adding, will be 2tb in that case (edited)
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    Will this work for Xbox 1
    You can download and play Xbox One games from this on a Xbox one, and Xbox One S and X

    For the newest Xbox Series S and Series X you CAN download and play "standard" Xbox One games from an external HDD.

    HOWEVER if the game has been upgraded, and optimised for the Series S / Series X or is a Series S / Series X only game you but you CANNOT play these upgraded or SeriesS/X only games from any external storage other than the offical Seagate expansion card.

    You can use it as local storage, so you copy a game not in use to the external drive, then back to internal drive to play, but it can't play direct from external storage.
    This may help - windowscentral.com/xbo…ide
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    Might get this for the 2tb drives at £30 each lol
    If I understand the hardware/architecture correctly, if you want to avoid a setup where a single disk failure knackers everything, then you've got the choice of running it as RAID-1 or shucking the drives out for use elsewhere.

    I suppose an extra 2TB in a RAID1 box might be useful around the house.
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    Just arrived today and, as before, I am struggling to see any evidence that it is anything other than a new unit.

    Couple of WD Reds inside.

    Started running the WD Extended test from their software, but I may be bored before the 5 hours is up.
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    I assume this is 2x2TB HDDS?
  6. Avatar
    Is it 2 2tb wd red? Are these good for a nas?
    I don't think the drives are Reds at this drive size.

    My mistake!! It is the larger Duos that no longer come with Reds! (edited)
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    Undecided what to do with my my WD my cloud storage drive. Upgraded to My cloud 5 and unable to log back on to get it back online. I see certified ones can be bought through this link but the hardware on my current one is fine so seems a bit drastic. Anybody any suggestions?
    Didn’t they remove internet access on these?
  8. Avatar
    Any good for iPhone backup?
    No it can't make calls. (edited)
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    Pulled the trigger. Wanted a raid system for a while. Got a couple of ideas for this
    Out of interest what are your ideas?

    Always like the thought of a NAS but need some more inspiration outside of backing up my music and photo collection ( which is already backed up various methods anyway ).
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  11. Avatar
    Did this have room for additional drives? Can't tell from description.
    I’ve ordered - it comes with 2x2TB raid drives. It has 2 bays so they will be full bit you can swap them out.
  12. Avatar
    Is this basically a dual external HDD? Could I hook this up to a Raspberry Pi or something and have a basic low cost NAS?
  13. Avatar
    I received mine today, in full shrink wrapped retail box (no damage to box either). I don't think mine was a refurb model.
    Would you open the top cover and take a photo of the drive stickers and share? Mine received definitely was a refurb model. I know as the drives have recertified stickers on but the outer unit was shrink wrapped. But the box was not a retail box.
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    No matter how I think about this, I can't justify it over the 4TB My Book which is a single drive for £54.99

    (half the footprint, half the hardware failure rate and £10 cheaper)

    unless shucking is your goal and you only need 2TB drives.
    It runs faster in raid as both drives can be written and read simultaneously
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    Would this work with Plex server ?
    Not on its own no. Plex server’s need software so you’d need to hook this up to a PC/Mac , a raspberry pie or nvidia shield or similar for it to function as a plex server. The my cloud home is a NAS which has an OS so can run plex but this is *just* a hard drive.