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Posted 12 December 2022

Amazon Basics AAA 1.2 Volt High-Capacity 850mAh NiMH Rechargeable Batteries - £10.78 @ Amazon

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Handy with Christmas fast approaching.

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  • HIGH CAPACITY: 12-pack of pre-charged AAA size rechargeable NiMH batteries for office or home use; 850 mAh, 1.2 Volts
  • LONG LASTING: Rechargeable Triple A batteries can be recharged up to 500 times with minimal power loss; provide consistent discharge performance
  • LOW SELF DISCHARGE: Maintain 80% capacity for 1 year due to leak-free design
  • RECYCLABLE: Rechargeable batteries can be recycled at the end of lifecycle; note: Appearance of batteries may vary
  • 4048588-e9NZ3.jpg4048588-XadNQ.jpg4048588-LDgmR.jpg

David Simpson
4.0 out of 5 starsVerified Purchase
Value for moneyReviewed in the United Kingdom on 10 December 2022
Size Name: 24 PackStyle Name: AA
Bought these as we already have Amazon Rechargeable AA batteries and find they are better value than shop bought - super easy to use and , to be honest , , we needed 30 batteries for our bulb packs , so these are ideal

kK A
5.0 out of 5 starsVerified Purchase
Work welkReviewed in the United Kingdom on 8 December 2022
Size Name: 4 PackStyle Name: AAA
Bought to replace the ones in our cordless phone. Once charged they seem to work very well, but not has long enough to comment on actual longevity

5.0 out of 5 starsVerified Purchase
Good qualityReviewed in the United Kingdom on 1 December 2022
Size Name: 24 PackStyle Name: AAA
After reading reviews of not working or charging- this and that, brought them - glad I did!!! Try yourself, don’t read reviews as half the time it’s those using that are in the wrong, not the product!!
Amazon More details at Amazon
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    Bought the 24 pack for £14.42, thanks OP
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    The Amazon basics charger is the way to go or get the Amazon basics charger and batteries in a bundle deal ?

    24 pack is an amazingly good price per rechargeable battery. (edited)
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    I try to go for quality rechargeables or quantity alkaline. Unless there is a specific deal, the most affordable quality rechargeable batteries at standard prices are probably IKEA's LADDA.
    Spot on - very good quality batteries (effectively Panasonic Eneloops) at a great price.
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    What is the general opinion on the Amazon basic rechargeable batteries?
    I've encountered some made in Japan and some in China, so there might not be a single objective conclusion
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    I need a charger for these, whats best to get?
    I got the amazon basics one that goes with them, charges both AA and AAA (edited)
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    I would not buy this as a personal experience they are worst than Poundland one and don't last 1/4 time of a standard battery.
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    I see these getting a knocking a lot, but I find they aren't that bad. You do need to go through a few cycles to get the best of them. I thought they were awful at first as they ran out quick, but with each charge they got better and better. I have around 50 -75 of these and 50 of AA's. We have a lot of kids toys, Xmas stuff and gadgets that eat batteries
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    What was the before price?
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    Is this good price?
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    I would love to use rechargables more, but they don't last anywhere near as long as I need them to.
    As in the charge doesn't last long enough, or the battery doesn't have enough life cycles in it? Modern good quality rechargeable batteries should actually be better than alkaline non-rechargeables, particularly in higher drain devices where NiMH rechargeables keep a consistent output for longer than alkalines. It probably is still more economical to use alkaline disposables in very low draining devices like TV remotes, but I've gone to rechargeable in everything else.
    In terms of quality, I strongly recommend IKEA Ladda batteries. The made in Japan ones (greeny coloured jackets) are made by Panasonic so are in effect the much more expensive eneloop batteries which are about the best around. You're going to be using these for the next 5-10 years all going well, so I'd spend a bit more for better quality batteries.
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    Great first deal @Sam1234567
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    Are there any aaa rechargeable cells with 1.5v ?
    Yes. Lithium
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    Thanks for posting and well done on your first hotukdeals thread

    Thanks for posting and well done on your first hotukdeals thread (edited)
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    Are these ok to use with an Enegizer 1hour fast charge? Or will they get too hot/ruin them.
    I got a batch of Enegizers, however with the baby, everything uses batteries, I gave now run out.
    Even the Virgin remote uses 4!
    Thinking bout getting 24 AA and 24 AAA for around £40 (that's 48 batteries. Enegizer I would only get 16 at that price)