Rechargeable Batteries for £2.49 @ ALDI
Rechargeable Batteries for £2.49 @ ALDI
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Rechargeable Batteries for £2.49 @ ALDI

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Save money with these rechargeable batteries.
Battery types: AA (x4), AAA (x4), C (x2), D (x2), 9V (x1).


Tight bastids, they're normally £1.99 when Aldi and Lidl have them in:x

Lidl had a load in today.
£1.99 - The AA are 2500mAh - so a good capacity


Lidl had a load in today.£1.99 - The AA are 2500mAh - so a good capacity

What area are you in? None on the Lidl deal sheet for my local stores :-(

The Lidl deals are regional I think?
This was Stockton on Tees store

I'd highly recommend the Lidl/Targa AA ones, if you have a digital camera. Can't fault 'em.

Dunno about the Aldi ones but suspect they'd be top notch too.

The last lot Aldi had were FiF 2100mah, so if these turn out to be 2500's it'll be a no bad price as the FiF ones quite happily run my camera for ages. Got loads of the tronic ones from Lidl (C, AAA, PP3) and a charger but never got round to using them for anything.


Are these NiMh or NiCad?

I bought some rechargeables from Aldi last time. I found the AA's were very slightly larger (more bulbous) than the normal AA's (eg Duracell, Energizer etc.,). It was a case of squeezing them into my torch and my digital camera, and using a pointed object to get them out.But it wasnt a problem for all devices. I understand that the variation in size of AA's is fairly common


I understand that the variation in size of AA's is fairly common

Huh? where did you hear that? I've never seen or heard about that, and I've gone through a hell of a lot of batteries in my time.

We had the same problem with "C" batteries from Lidl. They had a bigger "pip" at the end which made em a tight squeeze in some things.

I had same problem struggled to get them out of camera, got uniross to change them.

Thought it was just my batteries that were too big for phone etc.


Are these NiMh or NiCad?

If they are like the previous ones they are NiMh

Do they even make nicads any more? No doubt theres some EU environment protection law against them lol.

Hmmm.... ]LOL

These are 2100

I got lidl's equivelant the other day, they were £1.99!
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