Rechargeable Battery Pack with USB Charging Cable for Wii Remote $6.85 (£3.44)

Rechargeable Battery Pack with USB Charging Cable for Wii Remote $6.85 (£3.44)

Found 16th Nov 2007
Rechargeable battery pack for the Wii remote.

Charges through USB cable which is supplied with the product.

Just ordered one, Paypal conversion of $1.99 to £1 worked out at £3.44

Free delivery from Hong Kong usually takes 7 days from past experiance.


I couldn't really tell what I was supposed to be looking at with all the stuff on that page, does this charge the wii controller up while I'm playing like the xbox ones do or does it have to go in the cradle?


actually thinking about it I don't tend to run around the room like a nutter with my xbox remote so I guess there isn't much point having it charge while you play as I'd be tied to the console.

edit - I might get 4 of these, has anyone tried them?


i got the double one with charging station out of argos at £9.99 when i bought wii play
it keeps them charged all the time the wii is on but if you put the wii on standby it no longer charges
still its better than constantly putting batteries in the remotes

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Arrived yesterday (took 10 days from date of order) and work perfectly.

The rechargeable battery pack clips in where the battery cover normally goes. It comes with a USB cable that plugs into the battery pack to charge it. If anyone wants any other info or pictures I can take some tonight and post them (if someone can tell me how to).
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