Rechargeable Mobile Power Pack N62FX £9.99 @ Maplin

Rechargeable Mobile Power Pack N62FX £9.99 @ Maplin

Found 13th Jan 2009
Handy little battery back to recharge phones satnavs etc, bargain for a £10, comes with mains charger with a mini USB adapter which you'd pay £5 for anyway.
Compatible with the majority of standard mobile phones
USB connector powers up iPods and accessories, MP3 players, PDAs, digital cameras, Bluetooth® headsets and many more digital devices
Small, lightweight design - fits in your pocket
Reusable reserve power pack - no batteries required
Mains power supply included
LED power gauge…614


Is this the same one Amazon were supplying where a lot of them were DOA Not voted

Wouldn't it be cheaper, less hassle and less bulky just to get a spare battery for your phone? :roll:

poundland do seomthing similar, only with the old style sony ericcson connector.

& a new charger costs less for the individual phone, who many diff handset does the average person carry??

had nokia ones in homebargains for 1.99 came with batteries that were worth that

sorry but i found this to be a load of rubbish.
Took it back to a store 3 times, each one had a fault, chucked it in the bin in the end, not worth the hassle.
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