Rechargeable Parasol LED Light £9.99 instore @ Aldi

Rechargeable Parasol LED Light £9.99 instore @ Aldi

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Found 2nd May 2009
Simply clamps round the top of your parasol pole to shed a powerful ray of light onto the evening conversation.


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We humans are so loving our leds...they're soooo bright.

YUP...lovely summers evening ruined by bright lights attractin' annoying insects biting stinging and buzzin' you and yours to kingdom come...

...voted hot as good price though but would invest in STRONG 50% DEET insect repellant and insect repellant candles which by the way dont work!:w00t:

LED'S Tend not to attract mosquitos compared to other forms of light different form of IR radiation as I recall, I use led floodlighting at home (proper big ones) & theres minimal intrusion from the insects compared to what was there before.

a small fire is good for late night.
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