Rechargeable Spotlight - only a tenner @ woolies!!

Rechargeable Spotlight - only a tenner @ woolies!!

Found 26th Aug 2006
This would be a very handy item to have around the house - it's a large rechargeable spotlight with a carry strap and adjustable stand. It's only £9.99 @ woolies at the minute, and you can reserve online and collect at your local store for free, or pay £4.95 for delivery.

Description: Tired of working in poor light? Then this Rechargeable spotlight should brighten up your day! It's adjustable stand and carry handle make it an essential piece of equipment in any garage or attic.

Features: 10 million candle power, 2 power settings medium/high, Carry strap, Uses Philips Halogen bulb, Mains and 12v cigarette lighter charger, Adjustable stand.

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