Rechargeable Strimmer - £23.99 or less..

Rechargeable Strimmer - £23.99 or less..

Found 4th Jun 2007
Cutting Edge Rechargeable Strimmer - £23.99 or less @ Woolworths !

Go via Quidco for 5% cashback. Select FREE local store delivery. Good price for a "Rechargeable" Strimmer.. a nice alternative to petrol ones.

Description : Get to grips with those over-grown bushes and hedges with this handy Rechargeable Strimmer. Featuring a 230mm cutting width, with a front handle and telescopic shaft to aid use.

Features : 1 hour charge | 3.5kg | Telescopic shaft


Thanks Edi, my electric one gave up the ghost last weekend, it'll be nice to be able to do the job unteathered!

Many thanks just placed a order pick from store good buy

voted hot i wonder how long it lasts on a full charge ?

my mains powered one has always been incapable I can't believe a battery one would be better.

If anyone gets one let me know how good it is :P


voted hot i wonder how long it lasts on a full charge ?

It says an hour.
Great for areas that are not near to an electrical point.

caution folks.........I bought the corded version of this last year from woolies and it was useless, the nylon line was very poor quality and would break every minute or so.

I've since bought a black and decker and its much better.

Bookers (membership required) have a JCB petrol strimmer for £49.99 + VAT. It's pretty tough as you can imagine and would be worth the extra cash if you have a jungle to take care of. It's on offer reduced from £69.99 +vat.

unless you buy a reliable 'make' you will be spending your whole time putting the nylon thingy back in

your better off with a pair of scissors:thumbsup:


It says an hour. Great for areas that are not near to an electrical … It says an hour. Great for areas that are not near to an electrical point.

Think that means an hour to charge, don't think it will last for an hour before charging.

focus diy have the petrol jcb strimmer with £20 off down now to £59.95 seems a better buy

A quick google revealed a B&D 18 volt cordless strimmer with an automatic feed for £47 or a Bosch 18 volt with a plastic blade system which sounds better than a nylon line for £55.

Even better is a Ryobi 18 volter, run time 35 mins, 2 batteries and a 1 hour charger for £64.82.

Free delivery over £100 else it's an expensive £8.21, you could buy 2??:whistling:


I know it's upping the price quite a bit but tools are tools and they should last a lot longer than the cheaper makes.

My JCB router was made in China so don't fall for the clever marketing.:-D

What's the voltage on the Woolies one?

i bought a petrol one as inherited a jungle. used it once to clear it all, now its all done i never use it. so £50 and only used it once. so only spend if you wil use it.

Woolies have a sneaky habit of 'price establishing' these type of products in a few stores, then putting them for sale on mass with huge 'was' price savings. When all they are worth is less than the cheapest price. check out the Charlie Dimmock garden lights that were £39.99, Yale electronic safes etc etc etc!!! I knew one of their Directors when working for Dixons, Steve Lewis. He has transfered Dixons selling practices over to Woolies now.

bought one last year, total piece of junk!! Avoid this brand at all cost!

Just bought a "Challenge" cordless strimmer from Argos for £24.99. Now I see this post and realise it is exactly the same strimmer but Woollies charging £1 less. Same colour, same shape, same handles etc. etc.

Gave it the initial 5 hour charge (if you don't give NiCad batteries a full initial charge they never work properly) and took it down the allotment this afternoon. After one hour of almost continuous strimming around the paths and borders it was just starting to run out of puff.

It does exactly what I bought it for and as well as I expected. If you want a strimmer for smaller jobs and for just general tidying up where there is no mains supply then this will do the trick just fine. I didn't want the hassle of having to store petrol etc. just for the odd bit of strimming plus petrol strimmers are much more expensive.

A word of caution though - NiCad rechargeable batteries suffer from a "chemical memory" effect and have to be given a full initial charge before first use. They then have to be discharged completely (before recharging) on a regular basis to keep them at maximum capacity - say every four or five charges. If you don't then it will probably only strim for about ten minutes after a few uses.
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