Reconditioned Nokia N80 w/2GB Memory Card £67.50
Reconditioned Nokia N80 w/2GB Memory Card £67.50

Reconditioned Nokia N80 w/2GB Memory Card £67.50

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Reconditioned Nokia N80
Comes with 2GB Memory Card

6 month warranty

Use the voucher code 10PERCENTOFF to push the price down to £67.50


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I think it may be possible to get Quidco too. Worth a shot.

(edit: I'm wrong... according to posts below Quidco won't work)

Yeah worth a go but I doubt it'll work as this is from Orange accessories rather than Orange. Was temptedbut I read some reviews which put me off. Doesn't sound too bad though.

£400 when this came out - O2 asked me for £180 + £30 a month!

I haven't voted, but this phone has got bad battery!!
I'm sure there are alot of reviews out there warning you about this. :thumbsup:

Once you've got this phone upgraded to the latest firmware it's a great piece of kit only let down by battery life.

Dont do it. Poor poor phone from nokia, I had 1 for about 6 weeks when it first came out, camera is rubbish and the battery is worse!

Does this phone have wireless connectivity...wifi etc? Also does this phone come locked to Orange, if so can they be unlocked?


phone will be on orange!! no quidco!! still not bad for £67.50
shame about the battery

Very old phone

Rubbish battery, but does have wi-fi

Mine had a problem where it kept turning itself off

oh and the camera/flash is dissapointing

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If you're after a better camera, go for the N73 for £5 less on the same site.
Personally, I'm not bothered about the camera quality because any serious photography is done on a dedicated camera.... It's the wifi and high res screen that pushed me to this over the N73.

Battery life can't be worse than the N70 I currently use? I have to charge that every couple of nights!

The N73 is out of stock unfortunately.

I have the n80 quality phone runs tomtom, battery is not that special have just got a new one from e*ay for 3 sqid del. I would def reccomend this phone, works on my wifi as well. Just looking to upgrade to a n95 or 96 if I can find the right deal. Camera is quality as well.
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