Reconnection New line with Bt £29.99 @ BT
Reconnection New line with Bt £29.99 @ BT

Reconnection New line with Bt £29.99 @ BT

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Moving house and found out house didnt have a phone line, or it had been disconnected a while back. Was going to get BT to reconnect at £129.99 but found out that until 30th Sept 2010 you can get reconnected for £29.99. Doesn't appear on their site, but via a link in their productandservices section.
Phone and see!
It is an 18th month contract.


Not to mention you pay £118 for one year's line rental in advance as line rental is going up to £13.49/month from October, £118/12 = £9.83/month

sky do it too, think its 39quid but not tied to 18months, just 12

post office do it for free with no connection charge if the phone line is physically there. no contract, they did ours for free then we moved straight to orange the week after. they even canceled it on a pro rata basis.

Ok, this is kinda stretched but if you sign up wiith tiscali. They reconnect a BT line for Free you have to sign up on a contract.. I did that to a property of mine almost 2 years ago and then once the contract was over, I switched to BT. The tennants enjoyed what tiscalli had to offer..

i'm with vermins and want to move my broadband whats the cheapest option ?

how about if you don't have BT line and never did... this is good offer. Yes BT increasing prices, the rest will just follow. Get this offer pre pay in advance to keep current price and it will cost you as much as connecting new line without the offer!

Moved the house few months and it didn't have BT socket, desperately was looking for some kind of offer to save on connection fee. And no post office or tiscaly provide you with BT line installation for free. Reconnection yes.

BT suck and just because the normal price is an absolute rip-off, it doesn't make this a good deal.

If you really moan they do it for free!

Not free, check the small print, has been discussed many times

sorry but I have to vote cold on this one, £29.99 just for pressing a few buttons that enables your line from the exchange is daylight robbery!
I was with BT for years, then changed over to NTL, then at some point they removed the BT cable from my house going to the telegraph pole (no warning or anything), I carried on using NTL then decided to change to Sky for everything.

Sky wanted £0 for re connecting a new cable from pole to house (which was done by BT engineers via sky)

They didnt charge me no fee's, however before I signed upto sky I rang BT to check what the cost would be, they said because no line was there it would be £129.95 + Vat then I would have to sign upto an 18th Month contract, when told that they removed the line and it wasnt my fault they kept to their £129.95 story, so went on to say that I would be coming back ever.

I wouldn't go back to BT, they are a massive joke!

As mentioned this will include a minimal term
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