Rectangular 4 Seater Patio Set - £164.95 delivered

Rectangular 4 Seater Patio Set - £164.95 delivered

Found 20th Jul 2007
Looks like a good quality garden set at a reasonable price. 1st attempt at posting so might not be so??


Unfortunately delivery costs another £24.95 bringing the total to £164.95.

As it is 'Home Delivery only', I think that should be really mentioned in the title.

I'm still quite a 'new boy' myself, and I know that everything isn't immediately obvious though.

Mind you, looking at the rain pouring down at the moment, and with the road flooded outside, I don't think that garden furniture is at the top of my 'must buy' list just now!

You might be able to make a boat out of the wood :giggle:

It's quite a nice set, but that extra delivery charge is not so nice...

There was a set very, very similar to this in Asda Milton Keynes a few weeks ago for £74.95.
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