Red Bull 25p a can @ Sainsburys

Red Bull 25p a can @ Sainsburys

Found 23rd Jan 2010Made hot 23rd Jan 2010
I've just been to sainsburys in Grantham, Lincolnshire and was suprised to see that they have got cans of red bull (100ml) for 25p and they are not out of date till 2011! Great Deal

Also............Sainsbury in Grantham have 50cl bottles of volvic flavoured water at 10p per bottle!

Red Bull 25p
Volvic Water 10p


Sounds like a great deal mate! However, you might want to include the price and store ([email protected] Sainsburys, Grantham) aswell as a picture linked to a can of Red Bull =D. If you have a copy of the receipt it wouldn't hurt to scan it in (or take a photograph) as some HUKD'ers can be skeptics!


red bull cans are usually a lot bigger than 100ml???

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sorry about that, this is my 1st time posting

250ml they should be.

250ml for the standard can, so these must be little mini ones. 25p per 100ml, so that works out at 62.5p per 250ml can. So still cheap for red bull. :thumbsup:

Cheap, but a complete utter waste of packaging.

It could be the red bull 'shots', they're about 100ml.

I'm going shortly, will post back any findings

cheap gut rot, niiiice


cheap deal dude!

£1.01 in Bristol. Plus I didn't see any 100ml cans, didn't know they did any??

£1.01 for the standard can in my local, and the Red Bull shots were 55p. Cold from me.

Salty pish will do the same job and probably taste better :thumbsup:

Jäger Bomb's away! :lol:
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