Red Bull Bottle 330ml £1.40 in Tesco

Red Bull Bottle 330ml £1.40 in Tesco

LocalFound 27th Nov 2011
I think it's normally priced at £1.80 at Tesco and definitely saw it at that price yesterday in Sainsbury’s so this is a nice saving.

I know this is still expensive compared to a normal red bull can but for me I find a bottle so much more useful. Means I can have a little, drop it in my bag and bring it back out when I'm next thirsty. With a can, I'm forced to have it all in one go.
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at 330ml though id drink that in 1 go.. and for me when i can have 500ml or monster/rockstar for £1 this is stone cold for me
This is going to get freezing! Never a deal...

Even at £1.19 at Asda I wouldn't rate it a hot deal...…299
Went Asda the other day. Didn't see it at that price. But fair enough.
Look on the bright side you'll have a nicely chilled bottle of Red Bull by the time this is finished
£0.99 at 99P store - just seen it today
That's it, I'm getting a refund and driving to the 99p store
Prefer the 1litre bottle of emerge for 59p in home bargains (B&M)
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