Red Bull Cola - 69p @ Asda (Instore)

Red Bull Cola - 69p @ Asda (Instore)


well, i approve, heat added

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it tastes naff it really does

It's horrendous. Buy the 24p Emerges instead.

Is this some new mix of Red Bull with Cola or is it the standard Red Bull Energy Drink that the poster has called "Red Bull Cola"??

Its a new drink, it is a cola made with all natural ingredients. I've been enjoying it, Sainsburys have been offering it at the same price,not sure if its still cheap there though.

Saw it this price in Sainsburys today. Have you guys tried the own brand ones in the silver bottle? Well worth it.

Horrid stuff, it tasted worse then that Blue Bolt stuff.

I like the normal red bull. This is worse than rola cola. Cold.

This is one of the worst drinks I've ever had the misfortune to have, cold I'm afraid

The taste is horrible!!! Not voting either way as the price is probably good compared to the normal rrp, but can't bring myself to voting hot!!

Is this for the 250ml or 335ml cans?

Also, I seem to be the only person in the world who actually likes it and prefers it to normal Coca-Cola and Pepsi! Granted, the first can left me confused, but it's like lager (stick with me here!). The first time you try that you think 'what the...' but go on to drink more and then become used to it!
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