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Posted 30 August 2022

Red Bull Polarised Eyewear Sports Sunglasses 3 Styles £26.10 - £30.60 eg Red Bull Spect Eyewear Spin Sunglasses £26.10 @ Tredz

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    Cheap sunglasses probably costing a few pounds have their perceived value increased by printing a logo on them to inflate the price. Probably made or licenced by the eye wear giant Luxottica.
    If you look at comparable non branded sunglasses, the basic cost of the product is ~£20-50, not a couple of quid. That’s a decent lens, with good optics, decent frame, warranty and from a reputable supplier so you can be confident it does what it says on the box. Plus all the other costs that need to be accounted for between manufacture and delivery into your hands (1/6th alone is VAT for example).

    After that’s it’s branding, marketing, etc you’re paying for.

    I often read people putting down others choices online, but I’m yet to meet someone that doesn’t partake in the same game. They just choose to do it with a different product, such as branded clothing.

    Nor is this a new phenomenon. It’s been going on since the first caveman walked in to the cave showing off a shiny stone.
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    These RRPs real or inflated?
    probably inflated but decent price for polarised if they suit
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    Didn't know Red Bull are in this biz
    yeah me neither, saw them the other week, and they've been reduced further, some better pictures on google.
    good price for polarized
    especially with £5 of £30 spend48127951-VBcP5.jpg
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    Does anyone know of a durable manufacturer of sunglasses for the UK that aren't owned by the sunglasses megacorp (can't remember their name) - who make nearly all glasses cheap and nasty at varying prices.
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    I had a pair of red bull spect, incredibly comfy sunglasses, but unfortunately the screw holding both legs kept unwinding themselves after around 18 months of use (I live in the SE where we get a lot more use and a lot longer use out of sunglasses each year than where I grew up in Glasgow). That aside, durability is good and lenses barely have a scratch on them. I was maybe just unlucky, and to be honest for the price I might buy again as I liked the style and comfort. No slippage either.
    If they are Luxoticca then it’s worth checking the warranty. For some of their brands they offer 2y warranty.
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    48128529-He8tO.jpgOnly these left
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    Does anyone know about the quality? Is it going to burn my eyes out or not?

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    That's because they will have UV protection with at least the CE mark, British Standard BS EN ISO 12312-1:201 or even better UV400 protection

    These £26/RRP £99 sunglasses are branded, sold in a UK shop not a pair of fakes from some dodgy beachboy so why would they burn your eyes out?
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    Any good deals with prescription lens?
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