Red Dawn  (DVD) - £2.99 delivered @!

Red Dawn (DVD) - £2.99 delivered @!

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Red Dawn opens with one of the most shocking scenes ever filmed; in a peaceful classroom, students see paratroopers land on the varsity football field: the invasion of the United States has begun!

As their town is overrun by foreign nationals, eight teenagers escape to the mountains. Taking the name of their high school football team, the Wolverines, they wage unremitting guerrilla warfare in defence of their parents, their friends and their country.

Powerful, chilling and absolutely gripping, this outstanding film features some of today's most popular stars, including Patrick Swayze, Charlie Sheen, C. Thomas Howell, Lea Thompson, Jennifer Grey, and veteran actor Harry Dean Stanton. When it comes to thrilling entertainment, Red Dawn wins the war with a vengeance!



Great film, great price

heh, not seen this film in years.

can't believe they're remaking it as well............actually i can believe it since that seems to be what 99% of studio output is these days, crap remakes!

Greate Movie!
And as already said .... greate price

Was it wrong of me to want the Russians to win? :-)

Peter Griffins stage production of this movie is a must:whistling:
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