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Posted 25 August 2022

Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4 / Xbox One) - £14.99 Delivered (UK Mainland) @ AO

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Get ready to saddle up once again with Rockstar Games’ continuation of their gun-slinging series, Red Dead Redemption 2 for PlayStation 4. Step into the boots of Arthur Morgan and lead the Van der Linde gang as they decide how far they’re willing to go in order to survive. As you journey across America you’ll tame horses, pull off daring train heists and customise your character using the spoils of your crimes. You can even join your friends online and enjoy a brand-new open world multiplayer mode.

Don’t forget you’ll need a PlayStation Plus membership to play with your friends online.

Key Features

  • Wild west-themed sandbox adventure
  • For ages 18+ so it's not suitable for children
  • Single player and online multiplayer modes
  • PlayStation Plus subscription required to play online
  • Released on 26th October 2018

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  1. Avatar
    £12 in cex PS4 currently if you don't mind pre owned (edited)
  2. Avatar
    Back when Rockstar made games with passion unlike today who release unfinished games all for money grab. (edited)
    Exactly. Look at the definitive GTA trilogy, filled with bugs, frame rate issues, missing textures upon release. There was no nothing definitive about it and yet they charged you a premium price.

    Then you got GTA 5 enhanced edition for the next gen consoles. Apart from the shadow / lighting physics and loading times, there was only minor improvements to the gameplay. This should’ve been a free “upgrade” if you already own GTA but no you’re forced to pay and you’ll have to as Rockstar will stop updates to the previous gen.

    This is just Rockstar being lazy and greedy and will continue to do so until they have competition that rivals the GTA series.
  3. Avatar
    Heat added. I've played it day one on my PS4,now I do it again on my series X. It looks so much better,native 4k.
    If you haven't played it, definitely go for it, it's absolutely fantastic
  4. Avatar
    Is it a slow burner. I got bored with 1?
    I found this a chore compared to 1 personally
  5. Avatar
    Incredible game, this got me through the first lockdown! I owe my life to this game
  6. Avatar
    Appears to be OOS now
    No mate, pop your email in and within 10 mins they will tell you it's back in
  7. Avatar
    £5 more before a remaster is announced and I'll bite.
  8. Avatar
    Purchased, £15 was my biting point....took a while but we got there
  9. Avatar
    What a shame Red Dead Online has been abandoned. There was so much unfulfilled potential there.