Red dead redemption £32.85 (xbox360) @simplygames

Red dead redemption £32.85 (xbox360) @simplygames

Found 16th Jul 2010
Features include:

•Huge open world - a stunning recreation of early 20th-centuryAmerica full of vast sun-faded, weather-beaten landscapes and frontier towns
•Cross three massive linked areas - The Frontier, Mexico and the Great Plains - on horseback, in stagecoaches, on trains . . .
•Hundreds of activities and side missions
•Intelligent and realistic world that remembers the player and reacts differently with every action
•Intelligent horses to tame and ride
•Predators and prey to hunt, including cougars, vultures, snakes and wild bears
•Dynamic Events System keeps the world constantly filled with life and choice
•Epic gunfights based on a sharpshooter's lightning reflexes
•Use Dead-Eye to slow down time and target several points for incredibly tense and exciting action scenes
•Weapons include a wide selection of pistols, rifles, shotguns and savage hand-tohand weaponryMultiplayer modes

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