Red Dead Redemption + Undead Nightmare Bundle PSN £15.99 for PS+ subscribers

Red Dead Redemption + Undead Nightmare Bundle PSN £15.99 for PS+ subscribers

Found 22nd Dec 2011
looked on here and it got quite hot at 19.99 but if you are already a subscriber to PS+ then £15.99 is a good deal. Obviously this deal is not for people who are not PS+ subscribers as that would make it a very bad deal!!

so PS+ subscribers who dont already have this game.. Enjoy
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Yeah saw this, great deal especially if you managed to get the £35 for £25 (or £20 in my case :P) vouchers from game. I already have this on my xbox though unfortunately, and I've received so many free games from PSN Plus that just don't have time to play them all. Still, hot for me.
i got the £35 for £25!! :-) god bless us..Everyone lol
would get this but only have like 600mb left on my 60gb original phat ps3, been thinking about upgrading the drive but never got around to it and now the prices of the hard disks are high.

does this include everything that's on the goty edition? as with the £35 for £25(I got 2) it works out £11-£12
No answer?
im not sure sorry mate
looking at what it says in the description on the psn it appears its missing the pre-order dlc 'stuff' plus 1 or 2 other dlc you get in the goty edition. also was this a limited offer as its showing as £23.99 at the moment in the festive sales section and not showing the ps+ discount.
you're right, it was a time limited offer that expired yesterday evening
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