Red Dead Redemption (with Limited Edition Bonus Content) £27.99 Delivered @ Play [360]
Red Dead Redemption (with Limited Edition Bonus Content) £27.99 Delivered @ Play [360]

Red Dead Redemption (with Limited Edition Bonus Content) £27.99 Delivered @ Play [360]

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Bonus Content:

# The Golden Guns Weapon Pack
# The player who wields the golden guns receives more fame for each kill. The more fame you get, the more in-game side missions become available. So there will be more opportunities to duel, more kidnapped townsfolk to rescue and you can bribe lawmen for less

# The Deadly Assassin Outfit
# John marston's "deadly assassin" outfit causes your dead eye meter to regenerate at twice the speed. With more dead eye, you have more time to place each shot with total accuracy, making you the deadliest gunslinger in any fight

# The War Horse
# There are countless horses to be found in the massive world of red dead redemption, but none is stronger, faster or tougher than the War Horse. Whether storming gang hideouts, exploring the wilderness for hidden treasure, or outrunning the law, the war horse gives gunslingers an advantage in nearly every situation


Good Price i saw this game pre owned being sold for 29 pounds so can't go wrong at this price for new with extra content

I just bought it on Saturday (PS3 version) pre-owed for £28 with NO bonus content so very good price.

Have you actually tried ordering this? I ask because if you don't use your link and actually search for it, it only finds the £36.99 version.

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I have yes it says order placed and if you got to play.com follow sale banner then games i does show as 27.99

Great deal!

Dam good deal.

Is the bonus content worth it??

Well I hope you feel guilty. You just cost me £27.99!

And don't forget ya Quidco for those of you who that way inclined.


Is the bonus content worth it??

Not really for the extra content, but worth buying at this price anyway as it's maintained it's high price since it's release.

Normal Editions come with the bonus DLC now anyway, just no fancy sleeve.

Good price for a game that is seemingly untouchable price wise, bet the people who thought it'd drop quickly in price are sick to death of this

I got this from tesco entertainment on ps3 at launch for cheaper than this with a discount code of course. I understand this is a hot deal though as Rockstar games never drop their prices quickly.

The game is simply awesome defo in the top 5 ps3 titles.

Bonus content= not worth it

Anyone had theirs through yet, still sealed? I've had problems with Play sending used stuff as new.

Also, same price for the same edition on Amazon, except Play are adding the codes that make the standard edition up to the limited.

Mine arrived this morning, new sealed copy. No bonus content though, was supposed to be emailed the code within 72 hours of ordering.

And of course there is no way to contact play anymore, all you can do is arrange a return in an automated system, or report it as undelivered after 15 days, and thats probably an automated system too.


Shame play has gone downhill somewhat, I've been using them since being called Play 24/7. You used to be able to email, now it seems as soon as you start to get somewhere they begin to ignore you. Ringing them nowadays gets you a mumbling lady on a very quiet VOIP line. Had an item refunded and still waiting for the part paid with a gift voucher back.

I didn't receive an e-mail within 72 hours either with my bonus content codes... does anyone have any idea how I can get them?

As it stands, you must call up for your code. The number to call is 0845 800 1020 and it's option 1. Have your order number ready.
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