Red Dwarf: 20th Anniversary series 1-8 included £33.99 @ Play
Red Dwarf: 20th Anniversary series 1-8 included £33.99 @ Play

Red Dwarf: 20th Anniversary series 1-8 included £33.99 @ Play

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One of the best TV shows I reckon this would keep you busy for a few months lol

Bloody great price

And don't forget yerrr quidco lol!

Dave Lister is the last human being in the universe. A lowly technician on the mining ship Red Dwarf, he wakes up one day to find that the rest of the crew have been killed by a radiation leak. He has been in stasis for three million years.

He is doomed to drift in space for the rest of eternity with only two companions: the hologram of his former crewmate, Rimmer, and a creature called Cat who has evolved from a pet he smuggled on board.

Enjoy all the episodes from the cult BBC sitcom that ran from 1988 - 1999


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1p cheaper at Amazon if yerr don't use quidco or prefer amazon.

Classic TV right thuurrr

Great price for Quidicons, Voted hot SMEG-HEAD!!:thumbsup:

Already got all the dvds, and just finished watching through them all for like the fourth time last week. Still great

cant wait for the new episodes on dave

i have this its a big book style with dvds in cardboard slots it seems cheap attempt to me......

£33.98 @ Amazon

I have this, and think the presentation of the overall package is very nice. Not sure where I'm going to store this though, as its about A4 sized, and therefore doesn't fit with all my other DVDs ;-)

Shame the CD WOW deal has ended, still, this and the Amazon price is good, everywhere else is between £50 & £60. Brilliant show though, well worth a buy.

There is a new series planned - just spotted ]THIS
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