Red Dwarf - Amazon - All Series - 4 For 3

Red Dwarf - Amazon - All Series - 4 For 3

Found 4th Oct 2007
Ok I just noticed this in the 4 for 3 section and it's a pretty good deal if you are missing a good few, or just starting to collect.

Series 1,2,3,8 are £7.98 each
Series 4 is £8.48
Series 5,6,7 are £8.97 each

If you mix them up you can get the lot for £50.85 (£6.36 each), or if you are lucky and just need 1,2,3,8 they come in under £6 each.

Or you can dig around and find some other good buys for around the same price to maximise savings (e.g. Party Of Five Season 1 for £8.97).

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Am I doing something wrong here? When I have 4 of these and go to checkout it says Promotion Applied: -£0.00 and the total cost doesn't include getting one for free!
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