Red Dwarf - Season 8 - £5.47 - The Hut

Red Dwarf - Season 8 - £5.47 - The Hut

Found 27th Sep 2007Made hot 27th Sep 2007
Saw this in the sale, good price I thought. More savings with quidco, unsure if there is any codes still valid.


Thanks pinkleponkle, cheapest I have seen it, and I have been waiting on this one. Buying now And hot. And some rep for you too I guess :-D

Great find, have just ordered.

great find just ordered along with another 2 series & went via quidco for 5%

Welcome to the forums penguin20000 !!!


Welcome to the forums penguin20000 !!!

cheers, been lurking for a few months now thought i'd join in the fun

It's a crazy non-stop party ride!

The website's awful and keeps crashing...anyone got any working codes though?

There is a 5% code.. but only on a £15 spend.. (check vouchers section)

I went for the series 1 -4 boxset in the end.. £17.07 delivered.

Excellent find!

Order 7 & 8 for £13.14!

Don't forget your 5% QuidCo!! :thumbsup:

Voted HOT & rep left :-D

Just a word of warning - I went for the Alan Partridge DVD bargain a few weeks ago from the Hut and the case and disc were clearly 2nd hand. As I only paid a few quid for it I couldnt be bothered to complain and send it back etc. but a warning nonetheless

Thanks for the spot tho

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I´ve bought loads from the hut and they have always been brand new factory sealed.

Dammit. Paid a tenner each for seasons 7 and 8 to complete my collection a few weeks back.

Does anyone want my Series 2 on DVD? I will post for £5 - its in mint condition. PM me if so...

lol season 2 is rimmer jokes please

stasis leak . better than life and queeg are awesome .the only slight duffer is the first episode ( kryten ).

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£5.37 at asda currently. All the other seasons are £6.90.

Plus 3% quidco.


£5.37 at asda currently. All the other seasons are £6.90.Plus 3% quidco.

Nice how asda put the price up overnight to make up for the 10% promo that they are offering...

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They didn´t they were always that price (I checked when I saw the hut price yesterday)

I am sure the hut and asda where the same price when I looked yesterday.

Received mine today! :thumbsup: Season 7 & 8 for £13 odd. Both 3 disc versions too!

More xmas prezzies sorted :santa:
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