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Red Dwarf Series 1 - 8 Boxset BD [Blu-ray] £33.95 @ Amazon

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For The First Time Ever On Blu-Ray

A radiation leak wipes out the crew of the mining ship Red Dwarf leaving one survivor - chicken soup repair man, David Lister. After three million years in suspended animation, Lister emerges to find he is the last human being in the universe. But he is not alone.

For the first time ever Red Dwarf I-VIII on glorious Blu-Ray along with all the Extras from the first eight series.

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Cardboard Packaging (not in standard Blu-ray cases unfortunately)

There is an extremely good packaging and comparison review of this set to the old standard DVDs, as well as more important details about the discs themselves.

However here is some highlights of the BluRay set

"The Blu-ray discs containing the episodes have a few special treats:
  • Cast Commentaries – These are available for every episode and are brilliant. The cast seem to having a lot of fun reliving their experience on the show, revealing little insights while having lots of good banter and laughs in the process. It’s great to hear them all getting along so well.
  • Production Commentary (The End) – Series creators Rob Grant & Doug Naylor, along with director Ed Bye, give an entertaining and insightful commentary on the very first episode of series 1. Production commentaries can be dry and boring for some TV shows and films, but these guys are good to listen to. It’s a shame we couldn’t have commentaries from them on every episode as well. But they do make great contributions in the documentaries, and pop up in other bonus features to give their feelings about certain episodes, as I’ll mention later.
  • Fan Commentaries – These are commentaries by competition winners on one episode each for series 5 and 6. There isn’t really a lot of point having these to be honest. The participants are perfectly nice, and occasional bits of trivia pop up, so they’re worth listening to at least once. But there’s nothing overly noteworthy about the discussions. Fair play to them though, they were very lucky to get that opportunity, I certainly don’t begrudge them doing it.
  • Identity Within – Disc 1 of series 7 contains this lost episode from the series, about the Cat having to lose his virginity to save his life, which was written but never filmed, as it was deemed too expensive to shoot. So instead you see specially created storyboard images for the show, with the script read by Chris Barrie. And he’s great, because he does wonderful impressions of all the different characters. He’s narrated the Red Dwarf audiobooks as well for that reason, which I’ve heard extracts of but have never bought them, and I really should! They’ve also included sound effects and music to help bring the story to life as best they can. So it’s really nice to have this script as an extra bonus.
  • Fan Films – Disc 2 of series 7 includes a couple of competition winning fan films. Like the fan commentaries, they’re not great and not essential, so you probably won’t watch them more than once. But, again, fair play to them for their work.
  • Comedy Connections – This was a great BBC documentary series, concentrating on one sitcom for every episode, showing how all the actors and other key personnel came together to make the programmes. It would often reveal interesting pieces of history, such as obscure TV programmes people were in during their earlier careers, as well trivia about the sitcoms themselves. So the Red Dwarf episode is included on Disc 1 of series 8, and I’m really glad it’s here."

Also including 'The Bodysnatcher Collection" that was included on an older set.

Amazon More details at Amazon
Community Updates
Blu-ray Discs Update

28 June, 2019

Replacement corrected discs on the way imminently.

For those of you awaiting an update on the replacement of the faulty discs in the recent Red Dwarf: Complete Series I-VIII Blu-ray set, we've received an update from BBC Studios.


We're told that the revised discs are currently being signed off and will then go into production with a view to being available to be sent to affected customers from early July. Those who have already contacted the BBC about the error will soon receive communications to this effect.

As we reported earlier in the year, an unfortunate error in the production of certain of the series discs meant that some episodes featured an incorrect framerate. Affected customers who wish to have the two relevant discs replaced who have not yet contacted the BBC can do so by emailing DVDSupport@bbc.com

If you haven't yet purchased the set but are planning to do so, ensure you retain your proof of purchase - so that if you do wish to get a set of replacement discs, you can still do so...
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    While not in high definition, you can watch the full lot on Plex and other services for free
    Free to watch on UKTVPlay with ads
  2. Avatar
    I love this show but the BBC have gone cheap with the packaging highly disappointed
    agreed, they could have released it in the original style packaging too...
  3. Avatar
    Just rewatched them all on Amazon prime as they expire today.

    They’re still on Sky
    Free to watch on UKTVPlay with ads
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    The price does tend to fluctuate on this blu ray set, it was £25 at Christmas, so if you're not desperate to have it now and/or are a bit tight, probably worth waiting.

    Today’s fish is Trout a la Creme!

    FISH!! 🐠
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    Want it, but still too dear for my liking
    I convinced myself by telling myself it’s just over £1 per hour. Plus blu rays should last 100+ years so it’s a lifetime investment lol
  6. Avatar
    Seasons 3 to 6 are peak Red Dwarf for me.
    I think so too.
  7. Avatar
    Such a good show. Perfectly portrays the average Brit in space
  8. Avatar
    So what is it?
    I've never seen one, no one has…
  9. Avatar
    Duane Dibley in HD?
  10. Avatar
    Approved by the King of the Potato People
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  12. Avatar
    Smoke me a kipper......i'll be back for breakfast!!
    What a guy!

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    I tell you one thing: I've been to a parallel universe, I've seen time running backwards, I've played pool with planets, and I've given birth to twins, but I never thought in my entire life I'd taste an edible Pot Noodle.
    Classic series watched many times
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    So what is it?
    A White Hole?
  15. Avatar
    Anyone know if it's the original or remastered editions?
    The Amazon reviews say they’re remastered and upscaled. Apparently 4: 3 rather than 16:9, but apparently that’s better with these versions (edited)
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    Got me tongue tied
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    Everybody’s dead? Not petersen?
    They’re dead, Dave.
    Everybody’s dead, Dave.
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  19. Avatar
    A female aardvark!
  20. Avatar
    "I think everybody's right except for me so forget im waehwa "
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    Pass me a 14B...
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    So it’s agreed. We consult Holly.
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