Red Dwarf: Series 1-8 [DVD] Cheapest Its EVER Been £16.75 @Amazon

Red Dwarf: Series 1-8 [DVD] Cheapest Its EVER Been £16.75 @Amazon

Found 27th Dec 2012
1477 minutes of smeg-a-rific entertainment for £16.75!

Cheapest this has ever been (or at least since 2005)

£2 a series (or a little bit more if you exclude 7/8)

Cant say any better than that!
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There are a few different boxsets. I picked up the anniversary one for £9.99 (DVD) on Amazon last year. It had 1-8 plus all the smegups.
remember picking this up for £14.99 a few months ago from so not the cheapest ever and has been cheaper other places
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Should have specified "Cheapest this has ever been (or at least since 2005)... On Amazon"

There's only two box sets I know of - and the other '1-8' (the aforementioned) Anniversary one... For £9.99... Really!?

For that not to have made it onto here - is incredible. Ive never seen it below £20 anywhere!

I will stress, this is brand new, from Amazon.

Not PlayTrade or Amazon Marketplace.

And as so many always point out - this is a 'current' thing, so getting X, Y or Z for 47p three months ago shouldnt be held against the current deal.

Anniversary cheapest is £34.99 Amazon and £36 on eBay for reference.

Im sure the SmegUps/Outs can be sourced for less than £18.25
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