Red Dwarf - The Bodysnatcher Collection : BBC Series 1 - 3 Remastered Deluxe Box Set £23.97 delivered
Red Dwarf - The Bodysnatcher Collection : BBC Series 1 - 3 Remastered Deluxe Box Set  £23.97 delivered

Red Dwarf - The Bodysnatcher Collection : BBC Series 1 - 3 Remastered Deluxe Box Set £23.97 delivered

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DVD Description
The first three series in this hilarious comedy show, Red Dwarf, now remastered.
Series 1: 'The End' sees a radiation leak wipe out the crew of Red Dwarf leaving only one survivor - Dave Lister. In 'Future Echoes' Red Dwarf breaks the speed of light leaving the crew experiencing visions of their own futures. 'Balance Of Power' sees Lister about to take his chef's exam and if he passes he will be able to have Rimmer replaced as the ship's hologram... In 'Confidence And Paranoia' Lister gets a mutated virus which makes his hallucinations come to life leaving the ship beset by herring rain amongst other things... 'Waiting For God' sees the ship's computer, Holly, find a pod floating about in deep space and Lister pleased to learn that he is a god. In 'ME2' Rimmer creates a duplicate of himself, all seems perfect until they both find themselves in a conflict that only one can win...

Series 2: Features the episodes 'Kryten' in which the crew of Red Dwarf finds an android called Kryten looking after three fellow crew members who have been dead for years... 'Better Than Life' in which Rimmer receives a note from his mother informing him that his father is dead, 'Thanks For The Memory' in which the crew wake up with no memory of what has happened over the past four days, In 'Statis Leak' the crew find a stasis leak which takes them back to the time of the original Red Dwarf... 'Queeg' sees Holly, the ship's computer, replaced by Queeg 500. In 'Parallel Universe' the crew are thrown into a parallel universe, there they meet their female counterparts...

Series 3: The complete third series of the television comedy science fiction programme. Features the episodes 'Backwards', 'Marooned', 'Polymorph', 'Bodyswap', 'Timeslides' and 'The Last Day'.

Including: Unseen episode 'Bodysnatcher', the lost episode of Red Dwarf I, storyboard episode performed by Chris Barrie, Red Dwarfs opening episode before the reshoots, commentaries by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor.

Bonus Features: include brand new series I and II documentaries The Beginning and Its Cold Outside; four unseen storyboard script extracts performed by Chris Barrie with optional Grant/Naylor commentary; the Most Embarrassing Interview In The Universe Ever with optional Grant/Naylor commentary; original remastered promos Tongue Tied Music Archive and Animated Mobisode, rare deleted scenes, raw FX footage gallery; PLUS Easter Eggs and Collectors Booklet.

A must for any true Dwarfer!

Collection comprising the first three series of cult science fiction comedy, RED DWARF. This collector's set features remastered episodes


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