Red Faction Armageddon £7.99 @ Amazon

Red Faction Armageddon £7.99 @ Amazon

Found 29th Nov 2011
Cant believe how cheap this has got for a good game!
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£4.99 at Game. Posted here.
Edited by: "Ento" 29th Nov 2011
pick it up second hand from gamestation a while back for a £5... but now new from game for £4.99.. so cold from me
Paid £2.99 for a pre-owned.. It's a bit of a "Meh" game IMO.. Not awful, but not at all great..

Aside from that, £4.99 at Game :P
Bought it brand new from Game yesterday for £4.44 using code VC11GAME. Not sure if it still works but worth a shot.
Got it for a 5er from Game.

Probably will stay sealed in the collection, it's mediocre at best and it killed Red Faction :(.
£4.49 from game so cold.
Expired now anyways, now £9.99
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