Red Faction Guerilla PS3 25.39 @ Amazon (now better at

Red Faction Guerilla PS3 25.39 @ Amazon (now better at

Found 3rd Jul 2009Made hot 4th Jul 2009
Sounds like a great game with good reviews. Try out the demo on the ps store.


Good spot.

Thanks for finding this I'll be buying that later been waiting for the price to drop as it's still £34.99-£39.99 in stores.

Thats a bit more tempting

Not the best game, but still fun for a while. Some of the trophies/achievements are quite hard, I couldn't be bothered putting the time in for them. Also it's nothing like the previous Red Faction games, which imo is a bad thing.

I agree, nothing like the previous red faction which where so good, but this one, I have played the demo sooo many times, the only thing I do is smash everything, everything can be smashed and its so addictive lol.

Brilliant game (done and dusted on 360).

GeoMod 2.0 should be in every game!

dont forget fatcheese for charity donation or pennymix for cashback

Got this on the 360 and its one of the best games ive played on it in a long time. Reminds me a lot of crackdown.

Awesome game way better than prototype.

Game is rubbish, things are SO destructable it makes it unrealistic.

3/10 IMO
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