Red Funnel 12 Days of Xmax includes £20.00 Day Returns

Red Funnel 12 Days of Xmax includes £20.00 Day Returns

Found 24th Dec 2017
If your going to the IOW lots of extras can be had free free with Red Funnel's 12 Days of Xmas..

Just used this one which is still available ..
1,000 car day returns at £20. Promo code = 12DAYS20 | Offer extended! Book by 31 December good till end of March

This one is good till end of Oct !

25% off 2018 vehicle travel with promo code 12DAYS25B - first 2,000 bookings
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Great deal. Living on the isle of wight I know how expensive these ferry crossings can be as was charged £130 for a car and 4 for a day return a few weeks back. Decided not to go in the end. Prices fluctuate alot and this is a bargain price
Also 50% off 2018 bookings using code 12DAYS50 for 1st 1000 bookings - includes August Dates.…as/
Bah. Sold out.
Nice one op. May have to go over somewhen.
Thanks op
Could do with a tunnel or bridge. Would be so much easier to get over there. Lack of easy access to the island is a really holding the place back economically in my opinion.

But until that happens this is a rare good deal.
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