Red Leicester Hard Cheese 2 for £3.00 Tesco

Red Leicester Hard Cheese 2 for £3.00 Tesco

Found 6th Feb 2016
Sterling deal this.

Gave me a real Pep and left me in good Hart.

Good Value well worth the money, which is hard to find these days.

My mate got some recently and kept it in the Fridge. I saw him earlier and asked him if he had eaten the cheese yet. Yes, Ethihad.

Right have edited the title. Think I was too subtle.
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It's not Leicester that are going to be red!
Can I be one of the first to congratulate Leicester City on a Fantastic peformance by both Players and Manager alike. Well deserved 3 points. Hope we come 2nd!
Sorry for the cheesy comment but you can't beat a bit of Tickler Cheddar.
I did put some effort into this, oh well, cold cheese.

Well done Leicester keep going chaps do it for football.

And Steve Martin.


A Fulham Fan.
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City 'outfoxed' today?

The Lancashire cheese crumbles too easily.
Mancheeseter City

This is actually a good deal anyhow, dunno what went wrong.
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I don't think City will get better this season.
Maybe next season after they've taken some...................


Leicester produce better football than they do cheese.
I think if Man City spend about £500 million for next season they might have a chance.
didnt know season was over

man city still win the leauge and this resukt will mean nothing

no real shock they have best away form in prem
This went down as well as Bernard Manning at some event involving multiculturism.
(He was a famous City Fan, hence the reference).
Lol heat just for the title!
Come on Leicester!
Leicester for the premiership.
cheesy but funny...nice one
As a finale to this this disappointing thread I have giving everyone a nice cheesy like.
I missed the match. Does anyone know the score by any chance?

brighton won yesterday (best team in the league)

brighton won yesterday (best team in the league)

​They're certainly the best team in Brighton
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