Red Pearl Stereo Headset - £2.99 delivered @ !!!

Red Pearl Stereo Headset - £2.99 delivered @ !!!

Found 31st Jul 2006
This stylish Red Pearl Stereo Headset is £2.99 delivered @

Individually adjustable headband with Gold-plated contacts (3.5mm jack plug) and In-line volume control.

In trendy design the Read Pearl Stereo Headphone offers optimal wearing comfort while the flexible headband can be adapted easily to individual preferences. For optimal sound quality the microphone can be adjusted individually as well. An in-line volume control for additional comfort.



Very funky headset edi ... i like it :thumbsup:

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Thanks Cat

One of the cheapest prices inc delivery for a stereo headset.

This is now down to £3.99...

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and further down to £2.99 delivered...

[SIZE=2]When they get to £1.99 il get them [/SIZE]

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Hold your nerves...

Paid £2.99 for a Poundland Make from Savapoint

[SIZE=2]Cheer edi, ordered a pair.[/SIZE]

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Thanks bobbajob :thumbsup:

Oooo, they look good, Nice one Edi, Thanks.
Don't forget Quidco at 2%,

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Thanks dino. Just wondering how on earth Savapoint charged us £2.99... mmmh, they deserve my fight back.

Ummmmm, I will have to phone them tomorrow about my order not turning up. :wink:
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