red steel 2 plus wii motion (pre order) - £29.99 @ Tesco Entertainment

red steel 2 plus wii motion (pre order) - £29.99 @ Tesco Entertainment

Found 29th Dec 2009
(please be gentle my first post, but use hukd all the time thanks people.)
I have found red steel 2 bundled with the wii motion plus (pre-order) for £29.99 at tesco entertainment online (price promise at the mo)
this seems like a very good price.
also on the back of someone posting dirt 2 for wii for £10 I also bought dead space extraction for wii for £15 (asda) dont know if this has been posted?


looks ok though

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thanks for the picture.
I believe the one from tescos comes with the motion plus add on as well but the others dont.

tesco entertainment are horrible, please dont buy from them

tesco ent send stuff slow the others are faster but i guess its up to the buyer.

Only took 2 days for my orders to come before christmas.

I believe the tescos one is just words that are misleading, and does not come with motion plus. Can anyone confirm that you get both as this would make the game about £15.00

Despite the wording being obviously wrong I have made an order. As my order is for Red Steel 2 and the motion plus as advertised I have an argument for return if thats not what I get.

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I think they may have worded it wrong but once you order it your receipt says red steel 2 plus wii motion controller so im sure you would have a case to argue if it didnt come with the wii motion plus also.

I just pre-ordered from amazon for slightly less but looked at this cause i get discount from tesco...

i cant see anywhere on the page where it even mentions the motion plus included- the only thing is says is it uses the wii motion plus...

for sake of 2/3 quid i dont want to risk not getting motion plus with it

Received my order today but hey have only sent me the game not the game and motion plus.

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Got my red steel 2 today from them without the motion plus. rang them up and they are now sending the motion plus attatchment to honour the price. MAKE SURE YOU RING AND GET WHAT YOU HAVE ORDERED PEOPLE (make sure thart when you ordered it it had) with motion plus in brackets next to the description. If you ordered it through this post it would have done.

Mine just got cancelled with no reason/explanation as to why. Great service yet again from Tesco.
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