Red tool chest cheap and cheerful £69.99 from beauty for less via ebay

Red tool chest cheap and cheerful £69.99 from beauty for less via ebay

Found 8th Jul 2014
i seen a black one posted on here for £99.99 this is virtually the same but £30 cheaper.
Heavy duty stainless steel trolley with separate storage compartment. Safe and secure locking. Painted in red gloss. One large storage space and two wide drawers in the trolley.

There is also a secure space on top of the storage compartment which can be locked with the key and three large and three small drawers with locking bars. Easy to move around with built-in handles.

Full Product Specification:

Professional Heavy duty tool box Trolley
H107cm x D33cm x W61.5cm
5 large drawers and three small drawers in total
Top storage compartment with key lock and locking bars for the drawers
Non-scratch rubber wheels
5 hooks to the right side


Virtually the same, is not "the same" though. No mention of weight, or weight each draw can take.

I had a look at that when you posted on the other thread.

There is no non-slip mats inside the drawers. The drawers make no mention of being ball bearings. Small height difference. I know they are only pictures but the SGS one looks better.

Also what is it with the person in the picture standing behind it? Is it to give reference to the size then it doesn't work because it's so badly taken the picture with at least two light sources creating shadows while the person is stood quite far away (maybe to give impression it is bigger than it is), overall it screams to me of cheap.

It could be great but I went with the black one in the end for the above reasons.

edit: not voted either way btw.
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........... Heavy duty stainless steel ..........

Made me laugh !!
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