RED5 Velocity One Shotgun Dart Blaster Gun With Ten Soft Suction Darts & Target - £4.49 @ Ebay Argos

RED5 Velocity One Shotgun Dart Blaster Gun With Ten Soft Suction Darts & Target - £4.49 @ Ebay Argos

Found 23rd Mar 2017
ORDERED. Free delivery via Argos.

Do you like powerful shotguns? Or guns? Or just shooting stuff? Of course you do and we do too! That’s why searched high and low to find a shotgun as great as this one.

The Velocity One Shotgun will be your new best bud on the battlefield as you blast away your opponents. To start with, you have to admit it looks pretty menacing with its long barrel, clear casing and ammo clip. Ten suction darts are included with the gun which can be kept safe in the ammo clip. When shots are being fired, simply pull a dart from the clip, stuff it into the end of the barrel, pull back the grip and fire! These darts can be fired up to approximately 16 metres at 67.7 feet per second! With the adjustable sight, you can make sure you are always right on target.

Don’t have any friends to play army with? Don’t worry as a double sided target is included! Stick it onto your wall and play either the dynamic game with varying point squares or the standard game with a bullseye.
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miles better than a nerf equivalent. also more powerful. couldn't recommend this highly enough
Don't want one, don't need one....just bought two!
I'm thinking about ordering another.....
Had to order one
Does this not use nerf darts? I just order a pack of 100 with it oO
need darts including the cheap ones from China work fine
Got case.....
More than 10 available
60 sold in 1 hour!
Awesome. Best deal so far today. Thanks.
Ordered 2. Thanks OP!
Orded one as a gift, thanks OP.

mine just arrived. I've ordered another!

​I love this
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