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Blink time watch various colours just 47p was £5.97 @ Red5 - Free c&c
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Posted 21st Apr 2017Posted 21st Apr 2017
Blink time watch various colours just 47p was £5.97 @ Red5 - Free c&c£0.47
Blink time watch orange, green, blue, pink, white and black just 47p was £5.97 seems a good price.
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out of stock


£3.99 delivery and only pink coming up.


Only Pink in stock (which is 97p not 47p) and postage is at a minimum £3.29. Click and collect is an option though. 30 miles away for me though :|

Star Wars Force Band Was £69.99 Now £29.99 @ RED5 (instore)
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Posted 2nd Feb 2017Posted 2nd Feb 2017
Star Wars Force Band Was £69.99 Now £29.99 @ RED5 (instore)£29.99
Out of stock online, but will be this price in any RED5 store that still has stock. This was found in the one inside Birmingham Selfridges, plenty left in stock.

Was this price in the Chester store today


Dog Balloon Light £4.97 @ Red5
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Posted 10th Jan 2017Posted 10th Jan 2017
Dog Balloon Light £4.97 @ Red5£4.97
Not a bad desk light for the price, similar to the other balloon lamp posted earlier. On sale atm down to £4.97 From red5

This deserves more heat than what it is now.


Our little girl got this for Christmas it's great for a night light as you can put it on a timer.


Thanks for mentioning actually, forgot about delivery!


Standard Delivery 1-3 days £3.99

Dual laser projector with tripod & great reviews was £29.99 now £14.99, Death Star kitchen timer was £19.99 now £9.99 & Samurai sword umbrella was £12.99 now £7.99 @ Red5
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Posted 29th Dec 2016Posted 29th Dec 2016
Dual laser projector with tripod & great reviews was £29.99 now £14.99, Death Star kitchen timer was £19.99 now £9.99 & Samurai sword umbrella was £12.99 now £7.99 @ Red5£14.99
Red5 sale now on. Free delivery on orders £50 and over £3.99 orders under. Even taking into account the postage these seem really great prices. Dual laser projector c/w tripod, AC… Read more

Agreed. Why anyone would choose to wear this is beyond me. Yes, it's a bit of fun etc. However, it'll only be worn by the stupid or an individual trying to provoke a reaction from the police or similar authorities.


finally I can have a shark with Frickin lasers! :D


Truth is stranger than fiction, and definitely not worth touching the umbrella with a proverbial barge-pole:


Tazered if you're lucky, shot dead is actually more likely


Stopped with a tazer quite possibly. The coolest look ever until you're lying on the ground twitching in a pool of your own pee.

The selfie stick reduced from £6.95 to 95p (£3.95 delivery)  @ red5
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Posted 1st May 2016Posted 1st May 2016
The selfie stick reduced from £6.95 to 95p (£3.95 delivery) @ red5£0.95
For the vain out there The SelfieStick allows you to take photos and videos from a whole new perspective. The selfie has become a popular trend on social media in the past few ye… Read more

a bamboo is a stick with no name on it


sadly cold as they are selling a selfie stick for £1 at Poundland. The delivery charge destroys this deal :-(


£3.25 postage, over £50 free delivery


+ £3.95 delivery charges

Container Containers was £12.95 now 50p @ RED5 (+ £3.95 Delivery on orders under £50)
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Posted 29th Apr 2016Posted 29th Apr 2016
Container Containers was £12.95 now 50p @ RED5 (+ £3.95 Delivery on orders under £50)£0.50
Looks like a pricing issue, 3 containers was £12.95 but now only 50p. Each item contains 3 containers 3 different sizes Small, medium and large containers Industrial shipping cont… Read more

out of stock


heat for the laugh perfect pic and comments to match


so these containers are normally used to store other containers? oO


​They'll probably arrive with a free refugee in each box!


out of stock

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Blok Watches (Various Colours) Now £3.95 Delivered @ red5
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Posted 28th Aug 2015Posted 28th Aug 2015
Blok Watches (Various Colours) Now £3.95 Delivered @ red5£3.95
Free delivery until Monday! Add a little colour to your outfit with these super bright Blok Watches. Each funky watch comes with an adjustable soft, silicone strap to fit any wris… Read more

Yellow still available!


Back in stock!


not a bad find for a Gooner


Aldi had some white ones recently for the same money. Not sure if still in stock but the build quality was great at this price.


All gone

Various Discounted Gadgets @ Red5
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Posted 8th Mar 2015Posted 8th Mar 2015
Various Discounted Gadgets @ Red5
Various things!
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just the thing for your bushmeat.



Red 5 is a gadget store isn't it. Someone please explain to me why they would be selling Ghanian hot sauce and if so why is it a bargain deal at £1.50?


That sounds like how it would taste..............

Water jet dancing speakers £9.99 in store only at B&M
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Posted 23rd Jan 2015Posted 23rd Jan 2015
Water jet dancing speakers £9.99 in store only at B&M£9.99
As noticed by another user they are only £9.99 at B&M So I've changed the thread, not sure if it will work!! … Read more

We had to send 2 sets back after xmas. Poor quality. First set one wouldnt shoot water. The second set sounded like speakers had blown.


Can u use these with bluetooth ?


Wow that's a deal! Post it and I'll expire this


£9.99 in b&m bought them yesterday priced at £14.99 scan at 9.99

MiP Robot on Sale - Possible further £5 off with code £49.95 @ RED5
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Posted 8th Jan 2015Posted 8th Jan 2015
MiP Robot on Sale - Possible further £5 off with code £49.95 @ RED5£49.95
This could be a great barrel of laughs or just anoth piece of fun for the first 5 mins. The page certainly sells it well. Postage is £3.25 but while I was browsing the site I got … Read more
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thanks for the video - looks like fun, i'm supprised by just how stable the MiP is. the dog looks cool too!!


I took a video last night - I thought this was gonna be a boring toy but I'm glad to say I was wrong! :) Now I'm thinking of getting one for myself!


looks to be in stock again?!


Well today is his birthday and he opened his MIP robot first this morning. Played with it and he seemed to enjoy it altho when controlling the robot, it's a bit of a hit and miss as sometimes it acts like it's lost connection and does its own thing.. Zoomer was delivered to work last night after work (stupid delivery man) so I have it here at work waiting to be taken home.


I'm hoping he loves it!! could be fun getting them to chase each other, or play 'it' with robots!! :)

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Posted 19th Oct 2014Posted 19th Oct 2014
£9.95 + £3.25 delivery Looks like a good speaker for the price Was £34.95 + £3.25

Assuming it's genuine... Which majority on eBay, aren't.


Great for use on holiday! I'm sure this will pass easily through airport security.


Only £15 on Ebay so the £34.95 is a joke.....

Breaking Bad Walter White Hazmat Suit Bobble head, on Blue meth - £14.95 @ RED5 instore (£18.20 online delivered)
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Posted 14th Aug 2014Posted 14th Aug 2014
Breaking Bad Walter White Hazmat Suit Bobble head, on Blue meth - £14.95 @ RED5 instore (£18.20 online delivered)£14.95
Cheapest I can find it anywhere; Picked one up last week. They also have the Jessie version for a similar price. Delivery is £3.25 if you want to order online. After finishing t… Read more

not sure what link you are looking at but still 13.99 and in stock when I look


They're always out of stock, I wonder if they actually have anything that is in stock.


me all good thanks


Honestly I'm fine, you seem to be more affected by everything here than I am......


Ok, thanks. Whatever makes you feel special.[/quote Hahahahahaha...touchy

Beaver Bottle Opener £5.95 + £3.95 P&P&@ RED5
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Posted 14th Dec 2013Posted 14th Dec 2013
Beaver Bottle Opener £5.95 + £3.95 P&P&@ RED5£9.90
After a hard day’s work building dams, chewing sticks or perhaps just sitting behind a desk for eight hours, there’s nothing better than an ice cold beverage. Instead of ruining yo… Read more

... what? what were you expecting?!


It has the word beaver in the title. Heat added


How is this so hot! Not even cheap, and a quick google search shows results for much cheaper than this!


A partner for your beaver................


Magic Musical Monkey £19.95 + £3.95 P&P @ RED5
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Posted 14th Dec 2013Posted 14th Dec 2013
Magic Musical Monkey £19.95 + £3.95 P&P @ RED5£23.90
The Magic Music Monkey speaker makes a brilliant companion for your computer or mp3 player - watch as he plays and grooves to your music! Simply plug him into the headphone port of… Read more

very nice not too deer good bargain cheers me deers thank you


Selfridges £18 plus £4.95 del free click and collect


looks cool.


Let's go bananas

R/C Creepy Crawlies Deadly 60 Tarantula £14.95 was £19.95@ RED5
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Posted 8th Dec 2013Posted 8th Dec 2013
R/C Creepy Crawlies Deadly 60 Tarantula £14.95 was £19.95@ RED5£14.95
Nice Christmas present for all arachnophobia sufferer's out there. Saver Delivery est 3-5 days £3.25 Standard Delivery 1-3 days £3.95 Better price from Asda Direct thanks to kr… Read more
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It's a genuine Deadly 60 product so bound to be more expensive than an Asda own brand toy. Hot from me



Asdas do one for £13 and its also in the toys deal of 2 for £20 so cold im afraid!!


Its bed time don't look


Spiders legs. Just remembered I'll have to get the missus a new razor. :p

INSTANT SNOW £3.95 plus £3.25 delivery at
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Posted 5th Dec 2013Posted 5th Dec 2013
INSTANT SNOW £3.95 plus £3.25 delivery at£7.20
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really expensive


This is absolutely rubbish anyway wouldn't pay 50p for it


not a great deal, but dont think u would have been banned.


Great stuff as I played with it instore a couple of days ago, but not worth the delivery charge on top.. Not bad price if you're instore though.


Are you sure? The word BANNED would appear under your avi. Also you have moved up from Flint to Matchstick in your profile. Maybe you just got an infraction for something.

Dali-esque melting shelf clock £6.95 at Red5 Gadget Shop
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Posted 25th Nov 2013Posted 25th Nov 2013
Dali-esque melting shelf clock £6.95 at Red5 Gadget Shop£6.95
Saw this in store yesterday & thought it looked good & was a good buy. I think it looks better in real life than the photos as you can appreciate how it folds over the edge… Read more

I have this clock, I had it on the mantel piece above the fire, and it melted. Ironic.....


I think it's a great novelty clock. My sister has it and its easy to tell the time on. Heat from me.


Now all you need is a couple of crutches and elephants with long legs to complete the look.


Would Joey be able to tell the time on this one? :D


I bought this last year, it's horrible and looks cheap in the flesh

Android teddy lol (plush) red5 £1.50 instore @ Red5 Sheffield
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Posted 7th Jan 2013Posted 7th Jan 2013
Android teddy lol (plush) red5 £1.50 instore @ Red5 Sheffield£1.50
Love your android phone so much you wish you could cuddle it, well now you can for the low price of £1.50. Was £9 :O now £3.50 on the website… Read more

Basic geeks are out


More like... 10 print hello 20 goto 10


Absolutely pathetic and childish. How old are you? Oops, my mistake - it should have read "giving up on English". Now fixed. And why exactly should I be there buying parts for my kit car whose design was around BEFORE Caterhams? Yet another totally moronic comment by you. What exactly is your problem, other than the immaturity, inability to use words correctly and inability to have a rational debate?


Pendant - that was actually a mistake, but thinking about it, I think you'd serve well hanging from the ceiling by a chord. "Giving on English" - looks like your grasp on English is as tenuous as your grasp on reality. Anyway, I'm surprised you have time for all this witty banter, shouldn't you be down Discount Auto parts on Newmarket Road trying to find some points for your wannbe Caterham?


I correctly inferred your meaning, but I didn't "get your point" since the definition of sanctimonious still wouldn't apply.. And I'm not sure whether I should be flattered or a bit scared that you think I am a high-quality loose-hanging piece of jewellery... I believe you meant that I'm a pedant ("a person who is excessively concerned with formalism and precision, or who makes a show of his or her learning.") simply because I corrected your English (twice now). FYI, that's not showing off my learning, but merely pointing out the mistakes you were presumably too lazy to fix. Have you considered giving up on English as it is clearly not your strong suit?

Small Treat Ball for £4 at RED5 (Was £15)
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Posted 31st Dec 2012Posted 31st Dec 2012
Small Treat Ball for £4 at RED5 (Was £15)£4
At RED5 there's a deal on a couple of things like this treat ball, on the website it's ( for £7.95 but in store it's £4, I don't know if… Read more
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Treat ball candy dispenser was £14.99, NOW £5.99 + 10% QUIDCO @Red5
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Posted 16th Dec 2012Posted 16th Dec 2012
Treat ball candy dispenser was £14.99, NOW £5.99 + 10% QUIDCO @Red5£5.99
"Calling candy lovers everywhere! Here at RED5 we are quite protective of our sweets and our sweet dispenser’s too, it’s like our second currency and is often used as bribes when s… Read more

No I think its just the dispenser


does this come with sweets in it??


M&Ms by the look of the description


Got to checkout & delivery cost changed to £4.95!


nice whats the best sweets to put in it