Redbreast 12 year old Irish whiskey £34.90 Amazon (whisky)

Redbreast 12 year old Irish whiskey £34.90 Amazon (whisky)

Found 6th Dec 2017
This well decorated Single Pot Still Whiskey is my absolute favourite.
If you’ve never tried a SPS whiskey before then this is the one and now is the time. If you are a fan of the Jameson style then this premium whiskey (from the same distillery) may be right up your street.
I haven’t seen it this cheap in almost ten years. I have just stocked up!
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Thanks! Ordered one for the Irish Whisky love in the family!
A fantastic whisky, my favourite irish, usually around £50 so well worth this price
Great price. Hot.
Cant go wrong at this price thanks op
The nicest and smoothest whiskey ever!
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