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Free two-can sample pack @ Red Bull Shop using codes
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Posted 13th Nov 2019Posted 13th Nov 2019
Free two-can sample pack @ Red Bull Shop using codesFREE£0.01
You have a chance to get your hands on a free limited-edition Red Bull packs on first come first serve basis. Use this code to enter now: RedBullProjectProJack RedBullProjectProLuc… Read more

Just ordered. Thanks op


applied for it few times in a past never received anything :-(


This shouldn't be a deal and needs to be expired as this was posted months ago earlier in the year as a competition (to the first 100 lol) which has now ended


don't think they will honor these for us as the promotional period in the terms and conditions reckon it ended back on 31/08/2019


exactly what i thought....

Free Limited-Edition Red Bull Athlete Can using code at Red Bull Shop
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Posted 28th Aug 2019Posted 28th Aug 2019
Free Limited-Edition Red Bull Athlete Can using code at Red Bull Shop
Enter your athlete code here: = RedBullProjectProJack Want to get your hands on our athletes’ limited-edition Energy Drink and Sugarfree packs? If you have joined the messenger bo… Read more

Use a different email if possible? Seems they will send you six weeks of health and fitness tips. Just sayin


They had these in my local Morrison this afternoon. if anyone wants to see them for some reason.


These names should work: Shauna, Ben, Billy, Lucy & Maddie if Jack doesn't work. Rugby player Jack Nowell, Climber Shauna Coxsey, Cricketer Ben Stokes, Snowboarder Billy Morgan, Triathlete Lucy Charles and Hockey player Maddie Hinche


I do CrossFit, ....I've not got a question, I just wanted everyone to know I do CrossFit! :)


'Athlete' LOLZ

Red Bull Soap Box Race 2019 - 07/07/19 - London - £25.44 @ Red Bull
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Posted 13th Jun 2019Posted 13th Jun 2019
Red Bull Soap Box Race 2019 - 07/07/19 - London - £25.44 @ Red Bull£25.44
Sunday 7th July - Not technically a deal as no price reduction but been a few years since it was last in London and will give Dave something new to air! Under 25s tickets available… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Thanks for the info and heads up


Went 2 years ago which was the last time it was in London so things might have changed... There are a few stalls for a few bits and bobs and freebies up before the start line. Then what you see on the tv is pretty much it. You need to be there early to line yourself up at the front of the track otherwise there are a couple of big screens to see the pictures that Dave will be getting. When we went I surprised there were so many people quite happy to just sit on the grass and watch the screens which is effectively what you can do at home. The price has gone up quite dramatically from last time when it was only £15+ fees. We actually left a bit before the end as it was so hot we couldn't stand it anymore as no shade watching at the side of the track. If you are a fan of it I would say go but it wasn't that good for a 2+ hours drive and then stand for so long for that price. I will just enjoy on Dave.


Thanks for the heads up, often enjoy watching this on TV with the family now we are going for realz. MM


No idea I'm afraid, ask me again on 8th July!


Thank you so much. Wanted to go ages but couldn’t get dates or places right. And by the time I would forget it. Thanks for reminding. Booked the tickets now

Free Redbull. a complimentary can of 250ml Red Bull Energy or Red Bull Sugarfree
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Posted 3rd May 2019Posted 3rd May 2019
Free Redbull. a complimentary can of 250ml Red Bull Energy or Red Bull SugarfreeFREE£0.01
By signing up to Red Bull Active When On Lunch, you are agreeing to receive tips, workouts and content from Red Bull via email in relation to this subject. You are also entering in… Read more

Tesco refused the printout and didn't even try the code :S


Code is generic however barcode didn’t work so staff put through manually for me.


Can you please send me a close up picture so I can take a screenshot and print it. Thanks


How did you get the coupon when I download the program and run the setup when I press install it just crashes. What happend to yours?


I spoke to the woman in self checkout and she typed the voucher in

Free Red Bull Limited Edition Pack
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Posted 27th Aug 2018Posted 27th Aug 2018
Free Red Bull Limited Edition Pack
Red Bull are giving away 5000 free limited edition Red Bull Packs, to help you raise your energy levels through out the day.

Got my two cans today :D


Just received a pack with 2 cans this morning, cheers OP (y)


Got 2 tins today, belated thanks op.


No I totally agree! Sugars not good for you full stop, although it does taste good!


Just got mine

30 days strava premium included in price of 250ml Red Bull £1.26
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Posted 19th Jun 2018Posted 19th Jun 2018
30 days strava premium included in price of 250ml Red Bull £1.26£1.26
RED BULL CAN PROMO To help you rise to the challenge this summer, every Red Bull Energy Drink & Red Bull Sugarfree 250ml can unlocks 30-days Strava PREMIUM. (One code per perso… Read more

for what , for who, for when , for how.


Training Peaks is sooooo much better


so thats 60days then, i imagine 30 of those days are premium. what you get for premium i dont know ive just got the normal, a lighter wallet maybe.


30 day trial is free anyway


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Free Red Bull Cans for You and Your Work Colleagues
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Posted 23rd Apr 2018Posted 23rd Apr 2018
Free Red Bull Cans for You and Your Work Colleagues
If you'll be hard at work this coming Bank Holiday you can claim Red Bull for you and your colleagues – or request a visit from our Wings Team – to see you through the long weekend… Read more

Haha you nailed it XD


No haha came in two 4 packs only signed up once, maybe you should complain (lol)


I got 4 - did you sign up twice?


JUst recieved mine today at work 8 cans of red bull!


Point to note: ‘underlying’ and ‘undiagnosed’. Hence why it’s ‘common sense’ to avoid.

Cycle 1 mile in Strava to get a free Red Bull
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Posted 28th May 2017Posted 28th May 2017
Cycle 1 mile in Strava to get a free Red Bull
Can you go the extra mile this summer? By running or cycling to work you can be a part of Red Bull’s UK-wide Million Mile Commute. Join the club in Strava to be eligible for a Red … Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Live healthy, drink energy drink :|


this is a hot from me. I ride electric unicycles and do about 10 miles a day. great stuff. heat from me

Free can of Red Bull for Students
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Posted 3rd May 2017Posted 3rd May 2017
Free can of Red Bull for Students
Accidentally clicked on a Facebook Red Bull ad and it brought me to this page - however, this cloud had a silver lining. You can receive a free can of 'Red Bull' energy drink when… Read more

Did you enter an "" email? Try just pressing enter after putting your email in.


Do not see any questions, entered email then get some cartoons.



Haha I used to work for them and that's pretty much what my job was! University age and above though...


Same with smoking, get 'them' hooked when they are young. I wouldn't be surprised if they have their 'insert brand' can plastered beetles and other cars driving around schools throwing cans at the kids.

3 classic Hearthstone packs with each Red Bull 5G 4-pack (currently £3.50 in CoOp)
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Posted 2nd Sep 2016Posted 2nd Sep 2016
3 classic Hearthstone packs with each Red Bull 5G 4-pack (currently £3.50 in CoOp)£3.50
Free Hearthstone cards with Red Bull 5G 4-packs Get your codes in special Red Bull 5G 4-packs and exchange them for classic card packs. You can get free classic Hearthstone cards… Read more

alternatively bearded Ryu DLC for SF5 lol.


Love hearthstone, hate redbull. )-:


​Ah thanks. Btw not sure if you're a hearthstone fan yourself. But I recently bought these hearthstone mana card and deck keyrings from China, and their build quality and looks we're out standing that thought to share. Just bought another set for another friend who really enjoys hearthstone. :)


​It's inside the paper box.


Is it a code inside the box or on the can?

Free Red Bull For You And Your Workmates.
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Posted 21st Jul 2016Posted 21st Jul 2016
Free Red Bull For You And Your Workmates.
It’s National 4pm Finish Day on July 29th. Just fill up the form and submit it in order to receive it on your office address.
Get deal*Get deal*

I work from home and chanced this....a case of 6 cans just arrived via FedEx. :D


Got an email saying as outside London they couldn't come to my work but would send a case later in the week. Not been at work since Tuesday but a case of red bull has arrived which is handy.


Rubbish red bull


Maybe they checked your company out X)


I've got a office in my home lol

FREE Red Bull for email addresses only
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Posted 21st Oct 2015Posted 21st Oct 2015
FREE Red Bull for email addresses only
Free red bull for those who have an email address
Get deal*Get deal*


Works with Open University email! :)


Google up latest free stuff, it's on that website


Struggling to find my way around that webpage! Any hints on how to get to the freebie section?


I used my old college account from last year. It still works! (_;)

FREE Can of Tropical Red Bull
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Posted 31st Aug 2015Posted 31st Aug 2015
FREE Can of Tropical Red Bull
Click link, enter details and await delivery.

Still waiting for 3


Got mine today, packaging looks great and thought the drink tasted surprisingly good, definitely perked me up for a while Thanks for posting


Can you track order? 3 still haven't arrived


Got mine :) First energy drink I've had in over 4 years. Didn't taste half bad. Don't think I'll be buying any unless they're tropical flavoured.


Still no sign of the other 3 i ordered

Free Tropical Cans of Red Bull (Find 3 cans) Limited amount each day FB Required
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Posted 2nd Jul 2015Posted 2nd Jul 2015
Free Tropical Cans of Red Bull (Find 3 cans) Limited amount each day FB Required
I thought this was a freebie more than a comp because you just find the 3 cans and then you get the freebie.

Is it,I haven't tried it,it's still sat in the fridge :|


It's so disgusting that they're having to give it away now!


My can arrived this morning! Haven't tried it yet, but as other have already said, it did come in a nice box! (_;)


it tastes like asdas diet mango energy drink if not blander, we got a couple of cans of it


To those who missed out - you didn't miss much. Quite an underwhelming drink. It tasted like a slightly watered-down, less-sweet version of Lilt.

Free Red Bull Zero Calories
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Posted 3rd Jan 2015Posted 3rd Jan 2015
Free Red Bull Zero Calories
Visit the Redbull New Year's Resolutions page, enter your new years resolution (and create your cartoon character), and click the 'Claim Your Motivation Box' on the next page. You… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Looks like you got the same as me then :)


[image missing] [image missing]


Thanks received mine today 2 cans and a desktop calendar :)


Arrived today...Thanks OP


Came today