Redex 1 litre for £3.99 at B&M Bargains

Redex 1 litre for £3.99 at B&M Bargains

Found 22nd Jul 2015
I normally buy this from Costco but this is far cheaper, at Tesco it sells for £4 per 250ml bottle and even when half price at £2, it does not compete with this price for a 1 litre bottle
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Petrol or diesel.

Petrol or diesel.

​petrol on pic
Not a bad price but terrible stuff and I don't recommend it to any one
actually not that terrible, had left car to stand for 14months in garage ( its an older classic car) ,seems like something had packed up,changed few parts,cleaned some more parts,flushed the fuel system to no avail until bought this stuff and poured in, after driving for about 200km it all seamed to start working nicely as it should.
I personally use redex occasionally, whether it works or, well I have had cars in the past that failed an emissions test on the mot, I used this and drove down the motorway a bit and it seemed to help it pass. If it doesn't work and it was just a coincidence, then I am prepared to part with this amount of cash based on my own experiences of it. For people to leave a comment saying it is horrible with no supporting justification, experience or background, it seems a bit pointless.
Good price, seems to help my car run a bit better and for 50p per tank I'm not expecting miracles.
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