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Redex Diesel Fuel System Cleaner 250ml @ Tesco - £2
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Redex Diesel Fuel System Cleaner 250ml @ Tesco - £2

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Posted 18th Jun

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Product Description
Revitalise your diesel vehicle with the fuel system cleaner
Helps remove harmful deposits around diesel injectors
250ml cleans 2 full tanks of fuel, suitable for all diesels engines
- Saves fuel and reduces emissions
- UK's leading fuel additive
- Treats 2 tanks
Specially formulated for diesel cars, Redex Diesel System Cleaner fits easily into your routine, as you simply pour into the tank with your diesel. Redex cleans your fuel injectors to rid them of the deposits that build up and impair their performance. Regular use will keep your fuel consumption low throughout the year and help you to look after your engine
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Let's get ready to rumble over the pros and cons?
I tried it once, not sure it made any difference to be fair. BUT I'm happy to be proved it works either way.
The petrol one on Amazon has gone hot...so don't see why this shouldn't be either
If it helps anyone - Tesco in St Peters Worcester only has the Pretol version instock (and reduced)
This is like putting diesel in a bottle and selling it at 4x the price.
Only marginally beneficial on older vehicles with specific injector issues, but a good deal if you need some!
2 pounds a bottle is good price, only if u need it.
Redex just flogging placebos to grandads now. Modern diesel fuels have all additives and cleaners already added. If u really wanna flush the system use gun cleaner fluid and then change fuel filter soon after. Old mechanics trick
urbanbushwacker18/06/2020 10:58

Let's get ready to rumble over the pros and cons?

Good luck finding the pros - it's a con!
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