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Posted 16 May 2023

Redex Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner 250ml £4.49 click and collect at Toolstation

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25% OFF.......Redex Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner 250ml. £4.49, Have been looking to buy this in bulk as I I have done 2 Regenerations I added this 2 weeks ago and it cleared it right away

Does a DPF Cleaner work?Redex DPF Cleaner works to clear soot from your car’s particulate filter, reducing the likelihood of a fault and switching off the warning light. Easy and convenient to use, it means you don’t have to take your car for a trip on the motorway to burn off soot from inside the DPF.

So, how does Redex DPF Cleaner work? Our fuel additive contains a nano-metal oxide catalyst that reduces the temperature at which soot burns. That means even at normal speeds around town, your car’s engine will be hot enough to burn away the soot – clearing any blockages and build-up from the filter.

Thanks to its advanced formula, Redex DPF Cleaner is 30% more effective than other technologies. With regular use, you can save time and money, and prevent any ongoing issues which could result in a costly repair bill.
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  1. viper668's avatar
    I use this a week before my MOT, never had any emission issues. My take on it, £5 a year or £100's for a forced re-gen... Bought a few.
    Bokstas's avatar
    And why do you used it? Just for fun? As you would surely passed without it anyway. These companies make millions on people like you.
  2. Paul1802's avatar
    Am I understanding this properly.......
    I'm taking it this is a dpf cleaner in that it helps keep an unclogged dpf relatively clean but it won't unclog an already bunged up filter?I
    My dpf in my 2016 Avensis shows a warning light every so often and a 15 min spin at a constant 40mph ± burns it off. Will using this stuff save me the bother?
    MustardMonster's avatar
    no, it can help some cars - mainly those that dont take trips long enough for regeneration to start, it lowers the temperature needed for the soot to burn away

    whether or not it works I cant say but the logic is that it will work with a clogged filter (with the dpf light on) - though in theory you could also take a long enough trip on the motorway to get the normal regen going
  3. yusuf1st's avatar
    Is it any good?
    Georgedeals's avatar
    I tried it and its Really good, I bought 9 (edited)
  4. maz911's avatar
    Got a couple from Toolstation last week, and they seem to work.
  5. Rimi's avatar
    Tried few times but they have no effect whatsoever. Still DPF light was on. Connected OBD, done force regeneration few times and all sorted. Waste of money on these so called "cleaners", as it is just placebo effect.
  6. gudman's avatar
    Due to low mileage, my car often had DPF warnings and I have had to take it to motorway for a 20 minutes drive. Since I started using the Costco fuel I never had a DPF warning!! I bought a couple of these from Toostation and it is still sitting in the boot.
    B00mer15's avatar
    You do realise these are to prevent the DPF warning and not fix it? May as well have a Banana in the boot once the warning comes on.
  7. paulde2007's avatar
    Let's pay extra on top of paying for thr most expensive fuel. Otherwise your engine gets wrecked. Way to go diesels
  8. Bokstas's avatar
    Rubbish indeed. Used last year, nothing. Used once again after 2 weeks-nothing. When your DPF is clogged- it is clogged and no liquid cleaner will help, especially these going into diesel tank. (edited)
  9. Popeye_the_Sailor's avatar
    I found this useless when my last cars DPD clogged up. Now have a different car, is it worth using this regularly to avoid DPF clog up?
  10. ash132's avatar
    This stuff is OK but false economy. You are better off getting 1l of Hydra DPB-100 (£25) which will treat 1000l of fuel. Put in a few ml of this stuff in every fill-up.

    Works better, lasts longer and works out cheaper.
    N1Andy's avatar
    Is Hydra DPB-100 not a regular fuel additive, whereas this is a DPF cleaner!
  11. civil_shuma's avatar
    If your dpf is clogged can always type " O'rileys autos" on YouTube seems to be doing a decent enough job of clearing the stuff for a price
  12. rukna2113's avatar
    This deal is closed?
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