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Posted 6 October 2022

Redex DPF Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner, Clears Soot Blockages Fast, Reduces Emissions & Reactivates DPF - £4.50 at checkout @ Amazon

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  • Fuel Borne Catalysts (FBCs) reduce temperature required for DPF regeneration
  • Clears soot fast: Cleans and reactivates DPF
  • Add to fuel as soon as warning light comes on, or use as a precautionary measure
  • Perfect for keeping DPF clean and operating effectivley in Vehicles that are mainly used for short journeys
  • New bottle: made from 30% recycled material & can be recycled again
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    I had several issues with the dpf, even after it was removed and cleaned by a garage, the problems started again several months later. This was down to mainly short journeys.
    I used half a bottle of this in half a tank of fuel and have had no issues since. That was over 6 months ago. I have also stopped using supermarket diesel as advised by garage as they do not put additives in it.
    I now only use shell or Esso garages which are local to my area.
    I would certainly recommend this product.
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    Haven’t used anything like this since the mid-90’s when I put a lead replacement solution or something similar for a Ford Escort I was using unleaded petrol with.

    Is the product worth using?
    I had a DPF diesels for the last 12 years, and if you use a diesel car as intended, then the self regen cycles should be all that's needed.

    If you doing shorter mileage then these may be a good call, but unsure. (edited)
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    every 6-12 months I throw one of these in when its on offer, especially since lockdown and my milage has reduce and I've never had any issues, ounce of preventative and all that
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    Hmm. Might just get this. Had to refill the PAT fluid chamber last week, but the light hasn't gone out, and can't clear the message even with a professional unit. I'm going to add another litre of fluid to see if it's a minimum amount that has not been met, but if not, I will try running some of this through.
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    I just had a Regen ( plugging in a computer and it runs the engine till it hits a certain temperature to burn off emissions) cost me £60 ,Trouble is it locks in when you dont clean the filter and gives you a certain amount of miles to Regen before shutting down engine
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    Could this save me money on a colonoscopy 48374165-TGQcW.jpg