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Redex Fuel System Cleaner (250ml) - Petrol - 98p @ Morrisons
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Redex Fuel System Cleaner (250ml) - Petrol - 98p @ Morrisons

Posted 22nd Aug 2011
Reduced from £3.59 to 98p. Not sure if this is all stores, but it was found in the Scarborough store for a bargain price!

Better image here: imgur.com/bZ1xB
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Hot - you need this when using supermarket fuel.

Hot - you need this when using supermarket fuel.

Can of worms you have just opened!
Used this before and whilst it is cheap I have never seen any real obvious improvement in the engine running. Just make sure ya get the right one as there's petrol and deisel versions

Can of worms you have just opened!

I got caught by the contaminated Tesco fuel a few years back.....
Hot indeed
Read different and conflicting reviews about this stuff oO

Any mechanics or car enthusiasts out there who can say either way if this is a good idea or not?
I like to use the stuff every once in 6 months... but especially when using cheap supermarket fuel. If you don't service your car as often as you should (i.e. fuel filter not getting changed!) then it could help clear the lines some. I'm not a mechanic, but certainly a car enthusiastic and have been using this stuff for years.
Trying no to start a debate, here goes simply as possible:

-Officially there is no difference between supermarket fuel and fuel from a reputable garage (unofficially the debate has raged for years).

-That said it is generally accepted that 'high end fuels' use different addatives from 'cheaper fuels'- how much difference these addatives make is against up for debate.

-A product such as Redex is supposed to basically contain the additives used in higher end fuel, thus it is claimed makes your engine marginally more efficient as it's claimed that the additives in high end fuel will.

-Remember you've still got the usual additives in your cheap supermarket fuel...so does lessening the 'petrol' proportion to 'additive' proportion by putting more on top really help? - your guess is as good as mine!

I've used this in my car (Fabia VRS) and think it mya make a slight difference, for 98p I'd get some, high I wouldn't bother. It seems particularly useful for cleaning and breaking down fuel deposits...so I'd maybe try it if you haven't used your car for sometime and left fuel in it.

I've also used this in an old banger and had nothing but problems, told it can be quite corrosive in older engines/tanks where rust might be an issue.
Any confirm this deal anywhere else? As for 98p I'd stick some in my current tank.
is this nationwide? might check mine on the way home
The likes of Shell have more additives that help the engine.

The extra 60 miles+ i get to a tanks tells me that Shell is better (diesel) and this is over multiple tanks of different fuels.

I hope you put the diesel redex in your VRS (if it a MK1!). Millers is meant to be better than Redex though but can't argue at that price.
Check out Costco 500 ml multi packs, last time I looked they worked out a around 50p per 250 ml. I think a shot of Redex might have made my 50,000 mile motor run a bit smoother but maybe a St Christopher medallion dangling from the mirror would have had the same effect!
This stuff burns off your petrol/diesel a hell of a lot faster. Be warned that it will cost you a lot more than a quid!
Diesel treatments are great stuff, I worry for my VP44 pump if I haven't got a decent treatment or 2 stroke in the diesel to add some lubricity. Only cheap diesel treatments that are full of kerosene will lower diesel economy, cheapest and best bet is to use 2-stroke.

Petrol treatments are great at destroying your MPG, only good for getting a car through the emissions tests at MOT time, and a car in decent condition should be able to get through anyway.
Available today in Morrisons Holderness Rd Hull
Just to let everyone know, i went to Morrisons today, they had it on shelf priced at £3.98, went to self checkout and it scanned in at 98p. Went to buy 6 petrol ones.
Didnt check the Diesel price but in Camden Town there are tons of Diesel ones left, no more Petrol sorry!!
Available in Newark Morrisons yesterday at .98p. Diesel was still priced at £3.98 though.
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