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Posted 16 October 2022

Redex System Cleaner - Petrol £2.50 (Diesel too 3 for £7.50) - Amazon

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2 Shots in this bottle, have used before and does help with rough running and dirty injectors.
£2.50 voucher added automatically at checkout.

Diesel version also discounted in same way but minimum of 3 units.
Amazon More details at Amazon
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    I’ve never actually used this stuff. Is it worth it? I have a 4.5 year old fiesta tdi and do quite a bit of town driving and have had the dpf light come up before so was thinking maybe use as a preventative measure but I don’t really know if it actually works or is just a con.
    Won't do much for your dpf, needs to get hot to run off debris. You're better off taking out for a longer run around once a week.
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    Had an 3.0 Turbe Espace years ago that used to go into limp mode a bottle of this with every tank for a couple of months solved it.
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    Same price as tesco
    doubt it for the two shots
    probably the single shot
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    2.25 Asda. (2 shots) (edited)
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    I am never sure if these are any good - there are so many variants that all claim to clean a different part of the engine - do they offer much more than the detergents in the premium fuels?
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    2 for £4 at Lidl
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    Does this help prevent EGR and/or DPF issues in a diesel engine?
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    Octane booster is better as we have poor levels here in uk
    Octane booster??
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    And if you add to an old engine it could clean out mare than you want ie old valves so could make it worse - just a word of warning!!!!