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Redfall xbox series X game

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Good price if you wish to have the disk, sadly being game, £4.99 P&P
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    I hear it's dog sh1te?
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    Yes, if you listen to many Gamers™ online, any given game is either amazing or just complete trash.

    In reality, Redfall does some things well enough for some people to enjoy it, though it missed the mark with many others. There were some updates to improve things, and again, some people said this made a big enough difference for them to come back and enjoy things, and others said the more fundamental issues were not addressed to change their opinion.

    So yea, you'll need to actually read what more sensible/rational people have to say about it and ignore hyperbole if you want to get a decent notion of what to expect and whether you might like it(hint: you should be doing this for any game anyways).
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  3. Kammykay's avatar
    I thoroughly enjoyed playing this on game pass. Just renewed so I'll be back on it
  4. Gr0uty's avatar
    It really is ok to be honest. Last patch is incoming as well.
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    It’s “really ok”.
    Yup. My feelings exactly.
  5. gabesdad's avatar
    Postage is ridiculous. Should be free to the nearest store really.
  6. Silentpalpatine's avatar
    Fiver postage is way too much but it’s ALSO a fiver if you want to COLLECT too. I don’t know what they’re playing at but there’s not a chance.
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    You can always just check the stock online of your local GAME and buy in person rather than do “collect”.
  7. Matty1302's avatar
    I got this for £6 in Game in Leicester and they had copies left last time I checked.
  8. complicatedsam's avatar
    Awful game
  9. theangrycat's avatar
    I saw it yesterday in Game Watford but the gameplay look reaaaally bad so I passed
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