Redout Lightspeed Edition (PS4) £13.85 Delivered @ Base

Redout Lightspeed Edition (PS4) £13.85 Delivered @ Base

Found 8th Dec 2017
Believe it is the cheapest it has been by far.

  • Includes Europa and Neptune DLC, plus a format exclusive livery for all your ships
  • Split screen to race against a friend / online multiplayer mode for up to 6 players
  • Career mode - +100 events to race, experience, levels
  • Ship Upgrade - 4 upgrade categories for each ship: Engine, Magnets, Structure, Energy
  • A Diverse World - 30 tracks scattered around 6 locations on a post-apocalyptic Earth, plus boss circuits
  • Different Challenges - 11 event types: Race, Pure Race, Time Attack, Pure Time Attack, Speed, Instagib, Survival, Score Based Endurance, Last Man Standing, Boss, Arena Race
  • Create your story - 7 racing teams, each requiring a different driving approach, and 4 increasingly fast racing classes
  • Powerups - 12 racing-focused, upgradable powerups: additional turbo, shields, self-repair drone, advanced grip system, slipstream enhancers, and more
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Fantastic price on the PS4 but £24.99 for the Xbox!
Is it as good as Fast RMX/Wipeout Collection?
Cheapest yep, but not *by far" - only just over £1

Still, worth some heat from me.
Ooooh tempted! Apparently at typical speeds this is faster than Wipeout in general. However, Wipeout's Zone modes are technically faster.
Currently unavailable
£25.89 right now - expire?
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