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Gainward GeForce GTX 465 1GB £3.05+£5 p&p
Found 6th Dec 2015Found 6th Dec 2015
Gainward GeForce GTX 465 1GB £3.05+£5 p&p
Cheap basic graphics card. Postage actually more expensive then the card itself. Gainward Rapesco Eco Half Strip Stapler Blk 1084 Processor: GeForce GTX 465, Maximum resolution: 2… Read more
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Will this play GTA on max settings?


I gave it ago they canceled and agreed to refund in full.


Thanks, bought two, gonna be having some crossfire gameworx nvidiAMD tea which will taste 4k.


I know what LoL means, i wanted to know why the op ""kwasny2000"" posted on my comment lol when he knows that my comment about this all been a scam is true, everybody on the post has said its a very bad company with very poor customer reviews and people not been able to get their money back. and this post been -214 cold proves my point.


"lots of laughter"

Verbatim Store'n'Go 500GB USB 3.0 Portable External Hard Drive in Orange for £23.34 Delivered @ Redstore
Found 10th Oct 2014Found 10th Oct 2014
Verbatim Store'n'Go 500GB USB 3.0 Portable External Hard Drive in Orange for £23.34 Delivered @ Redstore
The Verbatim Store n Go portable hard drive features high performance storage using a USB 3.0 Super Speed interface. USB 3.0 offers up to 10 times faster data transfer rates than U… Read more

Ah well, I did order one but got an email this morning saying: 'On this occasion we are unfortunately unable to process the order. This offer was subject to availability and while stocks last.' etc etc Oh well, more will come up. - OOPS THIS WAS FOR THE VERBATIM STORE AND GO.. from staples @ £19.99


No cash taken and no order in my order history. Not even an email to say they wouldn't be fulfilling the order. Shame.


does this mean we are safe ? we have authorised payment and they could still take it , couldn't they ? keep an eye on it !


Woo hoo. I've just checked my credit card 'Recent Activity' on-line and the Redstore transaction for £23.34 has disappeared, which means they're no longer trying to claim payment. Also their website shows 'No Current Orders Available to Track'. So they've gone away. Lessons to be learned: 1. Don't buy from a site until you check their status on-line. 2. Keep to safe sites like Amazon or eBay.


if you haven't paid for anything and you haven't got anything you haven't paid for it is going to be difficult to get any kind of redress ! you could try trading standards :D

Iomega SSD Flash 128GB USB 3.0 @ £7.54 External Solid State Drive - MLC Flash @ Redstore
Found 26th Jan 2013Found 26th Jan 2013
Iomega SSD Flash 128GB USB 3.0 @ £7.54 External Solid State Drive - MLC Flash @ Redstore
Yes thats £7.54 IMO clearly a human error. I'm guessing its meant to read £154 anyhoot you can buy it for £7.54 from their website not sure if they would honour the deal. IMO not l… Read more
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Emailed them for a refund now.


same here - $hitty email going to Redstore and and email to Google to sort it all out ! I would encourage all HUKD'er to avaoid Redstore - in fact HUKD mods should ban Redstore deals ! EliTom


I suggest people email customer services if you want your refund. I emailed them, within 5 minutes, receive an email from google wallet that its been refunded, then another email from Redstore apologising. So if you want your money back, email them!


I sent an email asking the whereabouts of my order, i got this: "The item you have order is EOL no longer sourceable as it was also price error as the supplier have change the product So we have cancel your order and refund your amount Sorry for the inconvenience face by you Regards, Team Redstore" After the refund i sent them an email back complaining about their poor English: and, i do not understand why your website is in near imaculate English however you struggle to string an email together. This is how it should sound: "The item you have ordered is EOL and no longer sourceable. It was also a price error as the supplier has changed their product. So we have canceled your order and refunded your amount Sorry for the inconvenience faced by you " I havn't had a reply yet :L


Just emailed them myself (saying that as they have taken payment I assume that means they have confirmed the order :-P) so expecting item/more likely refund soon.

Mustek A3 scanner £109.34 delivered
Found 6th Dec 2012Found 6th Dec 2012
Mustek A3 scanner £109.34 delivered
Bought one of these scanners for work. Good solid A3 size scanner at a bargain price. Used it on Windows 7 with no issues. Can't find a better priced flatbed A3 scanner anywhere.

Cold, buy this instead... Brother MFC J6510DW A3 Multifunction printer- £149 delivered - A3 printer (with duplexer), scanner, copier, fax (who knew that A3 faxmails even existed?!) - USB, WLAN and Ethernet connections - uses individual ink cartridges for each ink colour (cheap generic cartridges are available on Ebay/Amazon)


It is a A3 scanner, but considering people could get All in one printer which include scanner as low as £25 with a well known brand. It is difficult to say this is a deal ... But I do not vote considering I have no bechmark for A3 scanner.


I have one and it doesn't work with Windows 7 64bit due to the drivers. I have to use and old XP laptop with it.


Its cheap for a reason? :| like I said, been using it and its fine. If your after something more substantial you pay more


Don't know if this is a good price or not, but i wouldn't buy anything made by Mustek (Cheap and nasty IMHO).

Found 15th Feb 2012Found 15th Feb 2012
.C40 PROJECTOR INFOCUS/ASK PROJ 1000 LUMENS SVGA 2.6KG IN probably a mistake if not then a good price the lamp probably costs more

yes it looked erroneous & was pulled, don't think the "live chat" was anything more than a processing site with **** all knowledge as to product, a bit like paypal & ebay customer service.


What I meant buy that was that it's probably not available in stock....and as it's now no longer showing I guess I was correct. Shame as I would have made good use of one.


It may be a 10yr old projector but for those wishing to utilise a basic unit in a kids room or project seasonal animations (eg Hallowindows) this is still cheap fun!


That's a 10 year old projector

Double Pack 500Mbps Homeplug with Pass Through - £69.46 @ Redstore
Found 23rd Sep 2011Found 23rd Sep 2011
Double Pack 500Mbps Homeplug with Pass Through - £69.46 @ Redstore
Good price for 2 x 500mbps Pass throu homeplugs ? High-Speed Powerline adapter with Ethernet interface for fast data transfer over existing household electrical circuit. Pass Thr… Read more
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Like everything in life reality is a step away from theory and Homeplug speeds are no different. The figures quoted are a combination of the up and down capacities, so a 500 is actually 250 + 250, these are figures proven in lab tests so can be stated. In our "real" world the speed will be governed by the limits of the router, the distances between plugs, the number of devices in use, quality of the mains circuit and of the interconnecting cables and the standard of the cables (cat 6?). Next, what are you expecting it to do? If you want to stream Blu-ray (25mbps) to 6 rooms in the house at the same time then you're expecting miracles with current tech. The ethernet ports are for compatibility with devices such and PS3, Xbox and such. Personally I've been using 200mbps Homeplugs (every room in the house has a plug plus a wireless repeater) for a few years now and it is far more reliable a signal than wifi, and much simpler to operate.


Why do trades descriptions allow them to be described as 500mbit if they won't run faster than 100mbit?


In general 500Mbps homeplugs only really give throughput of 60-80Mpbs. So not much point in having a gigabit port. Some peak a bit higher than this, but obviously not these ones :)


Why would they support gigabit ethernet when they aren't fast enough?


It says "Supports 10/100 fast Ethernet Connection. " What's the point of 500Mbit plugs if they don't support gigabit ethernet?

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Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 6000 £21.54 @ Redstore
Found 24th Jan 2011Found 24th Jan 2011
Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 6000 £21.54 @ Redstore
I was just looking for the Microsoft Wireless 6000 Keyboard on eBay (and a few other sites) and noticed it cheaper on redstore. Not a bad price, but note it doesnt include a mouse… Read more

I have one, agree with the comments above it's a very good keyboard, but probably worth spending a few more £ to get it with the mouse in the desktop bundle.


getitng mine this week hopefully. 8)


I can concede with the above. I got it as the desktop set (with an excellent mouse) for not much more though IIRC.


great keyvoard has mine for about 2-3 years no probs...has a nice feel to it unlike some keyboards....layout and keysize just right

Advent Vega 10.1" Touch HD TFT 512MB 4GB MicroSD WiFi Bluetooth HDMI USB Android 2.2 Tablet £275.19 @ Redstore
Found 21st Dec 2010Found 21st Dec 2010
Advent Vega 10.1" Touch HD TFT 512MB 4GB MicroSD WiFi Bluetooth HDMI USB Android 2.2 Tablet £275.19 @ Redstore
Thought I'd let u guys know about the advent vega. It's probably the best budget tablet pc out. I was trying to get my hands on one for a while but couldn't so had to splash out on… Read more

Why would it? Where does it say ( it's not been posted here before!) Just because u have seen it on here doesn't mean every other person knows about it. So stop being a c*ck!!!


"Thought I'd let u guys know about the advent vega. It's probably the best budget tablet pc out." that would imply it's something that's not been posted on here before, unless I'm missing some thing. KEEP UP ;)


Wait for Q1 next year and there will be better and cheaper tablets out, patience people!


Or pcworld money-would wait for them to be back in stock there if you want one and remember to quidco it too.


Never heard of this company. A quick google search shows mixed reviews, but more negative than positive. Personally I'm waiting for notionink Adam but can't knock these for the currys

Logic3 TopDrive GT Steering Wheel And Pedals - £31.26 delivered @ Redstore
Found 5th Aug 2010Found 5th Aug 2010
Logic3 TopDrive GT Steering Wheel And Pedals - £31.26 delivered @ Redstore
IGNORE: Cheaper at Amazon :) Boasting with a variety of features such as a 10 inch rubberized grip steering wheel, vibration feedback for PC and PS2, adjustable steering sensitivi… Read more
Logic3 5.1 SoundStage UK Version £135.07 @ redstore
Found 22nd Jun 2010Found 22nd Jun 2010
Logic3 5.1 SoundStage UK Version £135.07 @ redstore
I've been thinking of buying one of these for the bedroom. Cheapest that I have come across. I've ordered one but not received it yet so can not give a review. £135.07 including d… Read more

Have had one of these for approx 18 months to 2 years now, brilliant piece of kit, bought mine of amazon for £180/£190. I have mine in the bedroom though, so I don't use the 5.1 channel setting very often as it is a really loud subwoofer, so have to have the volume quite high to hear speaking and then when you have an action scene with explosions/helicopters etc it rumbles the floorboards a bit too much and then your wife will have a fit, LOL - so tend to have mine set onto 2.1 channel most of the time but you still get a great sound out of it even then :) It is HEAVY though, so make sure your TV unit or wall can handle it (approx 40KG) it comes with brackets for fixing to the wall too.


Thanks for the review link. Nice unbiased review, makes me feel a lot more confident with my purchase, especially at this price ;-)


]Review Looks like a good idea, saves wires going everywhere.

Crucial Ballistix 4GB kit 240-pin DIMM DDR3 PC3-10600 2 x 2GB £55.58 inc delivery @ Redstore
Found 26th Feb 2010Found 26th Feb 2010
Crucial Ballistix 4GB kit 240-pin DIMM DDR3 PC3-10600 2 x 2GB £55.58 inc delivery @ Redstore
Timings 6-6-6-20 Ref CRU/MEM/436 Manufacturer Code Technical Specifications General Manufacturer Crucial Manufacturer Code BL2KIT25664BA1336 Package Ballistix 240-pin DIMM St… Read more
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The following item on your order is not in stock with the supplier at moment and alternate has been provided by the supplier 2x CRU/MEM/436 Crucial Ballistix 4GB kit 240-pin DIMM DDR3 PC3-10600 memory module @£42.30 Please let us know if you would like to : * replace the item with an alternative (See below, or please suggest) * wait for the item to come into stock * cancel the order Our suggested replacement(s): [url][/url] Crucial Ballistix 4GB kit (2GBx2) 240-pin DIMM DDR3 PC3-10600 Memory Module @£80.20 ex Vat (Eta 7 days) Thank you for your interest in


"Supply Voltage - 1.8V" Not suitable for Core i3/i5/i7 which only allows 1.65V maximum.

Logic3 JiveBox - £61.98 @ Redstore
Found 18th Feb 2010Found 18th Feb 2010
Logic3 JiveBox - £61.98 @ Redstore
The JiveBox has been designed to set the benchmark in ultra compact audio system performance. Whilst turning heads with its stylish design, the JiveBox has been acoustically engine… Read more

why cold ??? where are you cold voters finding this cheaper ??? :?:

i-mate Ultimate 8502  Smartphone - 12 month warranty - £123.44 delivered @ redstore
Found 7th Jan 2010Found 7th Jan 2010
i-mate Ultimate 8502 Smartphone - 12 month warranty - £123.44 delivered @ redstore
Noticed the expansys deal on this for £116.60 posted recently Know that expansys are trying it on by offering the phone with no warranty but if you would prefer to pay a couple of… Read more
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From the Edinburgh Fringe: TO the people who've got iPhones: You just bought one, you didn't invent it. - MARCUS BRIGSTOCKE It's not big, it's not clever, and it's maker's a fruit and the name is ....."original". :whistling:


Why would you want to have help reproducing with a phone called "I'm eight"?!


Reproductive capabilities of a blow up doll. :thumbsup:


The name 'i-mate' suggests it does have reproductive capabilities, iphone on the other hand is not so advanced... yet:p


Nope, for that you need an iPhone. This one's for geeks. :p

Lenovo S10e - 10.1" Wide Atom N270 / 1.6GHz 1GB 80GB Netbook [£211.37 Del @ Redstore]
Found 3rd Jun 2009Found 3rd Jun 2009
Lenovo S10e - 10.1" Wide Atom N270 / 1.6GHz 1GB 80GB Netbook [£211.37 Del @ Redstore]
The new S Series Mini-Notebook is finally here, and it's designed to keep pace with your busy lifestyle possibly even simplify it. At a mere 2.65lbs and about one inch thin, it's … Read more

Name & Registered Office: REDSTORE.COM LIMITED SUITE 11 59A PALMERSTON ROAD HARROW MIDDLESEX HA3 7RR Company No. 03861514 Sorry click on the wrong quote button


Yeah used them before about 5 years ago. They are the consumer side of which specialise in trade IT solutions. The place I work for used to use them before they moved to Northamber.


Has anyone used Redstore before? Just struck me that their site seems a little amateurish. Seems that they are hiding their contact details - no geographic address, 0870 contact number or email contact only. Whois shows an address though, but hiding their address = no way I'd order.


Great netbook - I have one. But is this odd/old stock with 80Gb HDD? I paid £249 with Dabs about 6 months ago for a S10e with a 160Gb HDD. Currently showing as £271 inc VAT on Redstore.



Acer 8.9" Netbook Atom 1.60GHz 512MB 120GB Card Reader WiFi Webcam USB Linpus   FREE 1GB RAM
Found 10th Apr 2009Found 10th Apr 2009
Acer 8.9" Netbook Atom 1.60GHz 512MB 120GB Card Reader WiFi Webcam USB Linpus FREE 1GB RAM
Bleary eyed me thinks this looks quite good this morning. Mind you I havent had coffee yet. If it's rubbish I'm sure you'll let me know, just no shouting, bit delicate OK! No idea … Read more

This was in comet when I went there today. Decided a better dealwas the same netbook with xp for £200, works fine.


[size=3]Upgrading RAM[/SIZE] Currently, all available models of the Acer Aspire (regardless of colour, HDD/SSD, 512Mb/1Gb RAM) have 512Mb hard-soldered on to the motherboard with only one available DDR2 SO-DIMM slot. There is a limit of 1Gb in that slot and so that means you can only have a maximum of 1.5Gb of total RAM. With the 1Gb Aspires, there is already a 512MB stick present in the slot and so you would waste a 512Mb stick in order to replace it with 1Gb one. [SIZE="1"]Some say that it's possible to put a 2Gb stick in the slot and just end up with 2Gb total rather than 2.5Gb. However, others say that this is not possible due to a limitation ASUS has put on the BIOS that they supply, which results in non-booting. The Intel chipset in use would normally support 2Gb but it is Asus that have blocked us users from being able to do so. If anyone has any links showing that a 2Gb stick does actually work and the AAOne can boot then please feel free to share the link (^_^)[/SIZE] [size=3]Add more disk space with SSD models[/SIZE] The SSD drive present in all Aspire Ones are 1.8inch IDE form factor and so can ony be upgraded with another SSD or normal HDD of the 1.8inch variety. The more common size is the 2.5inch and this will NOT physically fit inside the case of the Aspire One. [SIZE="3"]Add more disk space with HDD models[/SIZE] In the HDD models, the drive in use is a standard 2.5inch SATA type, much like those used in modern day notebooks and even the PS3. The underside of the casing on these models is different in that there is a *very* slight bulge in order to accomodate the slightly larger form factor. You can replace the drive with another 2.5inch SATA HDD drive of larger capacity or go for an aftermarket SSD if you want to spend as much (or more) on that than you did on the Aspire one itself :-D [size=3]How easy is it to do any of the above?[/SIZE] Not very. There are no easy to access compartments underneath the Aspire One to upgrade either the RAM or the HDD/SSD. If you want an idea of how far you need to go to do anything inside the Aspire One then have a quick scroll through this... [size=3]The other method of adding more disk space[/SIZE] The Aspire One has two Secure-Digital slots, one on the left hand side and one on the right. The one on the left can be used to expand the storage already present on the Aspire One, regardless of whether it's the SSD or the HDD model. Insert an SD card into that slot and the available space will be combined with what's already available. Eg your SSD is down to 4Gb free and you added a 16Gb empty SDHC card. Your total available space then jumps up to 20Gb! I haven't actually used this feature myself yet so I can't say for sure how the OS decided where the files should go first, fill up the SSD/HDD first and then overflow to the SDHC or some kind of mix. :stocking::santa::gift:


Cr*p deal then. Gonna expire it.


Not bad, but the same model still available from Comet for 170 incl P%P. The extra 1 GB memory can be had for a few quid.