Reduce games now BOGOF at PC World

Reduce games now BOGOF at PC World

Found 30th Dec 2009
I popped into the Staples Corner branch of PC World to see if there were any bargains left from the sale - which there weren't btw.
But I did notice a BOGOF offer on a sign above the reduced games - basically any game (on any platform) with a reduced sticker on it is now BOGOF.
I picked up Kane and Lynch and Devil May Cry 4 for £9.97 for the pair.

Not sure if this is a nationwide offer, so it would be great if someone could confirm that.

Not availanle online - instore only.


Xbox games?

yeah what console ?

if confirmed, this could get rather toasty


yeah what console ?

OP said on any platform


OP said on any platform

i was just interested in what console the OP got these games for

could get pretty hot in here if its nationwide


i was just interested in what console the OP got these games for :pcould … i was just interested in what console the OP got these games for :pcould get pretty hot in here if its nationwide

Oh, lol! :whistling:

I'll be checking tomorrow!

The clearance bin in my nearest has games for 360 (several), PS3 (not many though), PS2 (lots), PSP, Wii (also not many) and DS games in it. So most formats included if they are on 2 for 1.

i will be annoyed if this is true .. i got ghost recon 2 from there for £9.97 and there was no signs ..

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Any console, I didn't have time to go through all the games - they were getting ready to close.
From what I remember there was
Devil May Cry 4 - Xbox 360
Kane and Lynch - Xbox 360
A couple of WWE games - Xbox 360
A couple of football manager games - Xbox 360
Fifa Street 3 - Xbox 360
CSI - Xbox 360

Alan Hansens Sports Challenge - Wii
Nights: Journey of Dreams - Wii
Star Trek Conquest - Wii
Incredible Hulk - Wii

The had DS, PC, PS2, PSP and PS3 games too, but I didn't check any of those titles.

As I said, I'll need someone to confirm if this is a nationwide offer. If it is, the games will probably vary from branch to branch.

Not in my local at 7pm, there was nothing to say BOGOF

We did get one of these for £60 though;…-21

PC World are mad :w00t:


Not in my local at 7pm, there was nothing to say BOGOFWe did get one of … Not in my local at 7pm, there was nothing to say BOGOFWe did get one of these for £60 though; World are mad :w00t:

bargain, buy it off ya for £61

EDIT: ps - which store ?

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I'll try to get a photo of the sign on my way home tomorrow night if I can...

Stafford. It was ex-display, 320 hours on the clock and no remote. A remote control on a projector is pretty pointless though really unless you're mounting it out of reach, it only needs turning on and changing to the right input (two button presses and it's done) and you still have to get up to remove the lens cap.

They had a new and boxed Epson one for £172 and some great bargains on digital cameras. Not sure why any of those were cheap though.

If someone wants a list of the games available, try this thread…er-

If it really is BOGOF now i'll be mildly gutted seeing as i bought 5-6 games a couple of days ago from them lol

Half of them are still sealed... Either way they were still great prices

Yes but you do own them, had you waited for the BOGOF then someone else would have already bought them and therefore you would have none.

There were no PS3 games on sale at all at my local PC World. None.

Yeah, I can confirm this, I was at the same branch this afternoon. The 'sign' was just a black and white A4 printout stuck to the shelf. All platforms as mentioned earlier. Trouble is half the clearance games weren't even priced or stickered.

Managed to pick up 4 Xbox 360 games for just under £18. They didn't go through the till BOGOF though, and the staff didn't seem aware of the offer, but after sending an assistant to check the shelf got the games BOGOF no problem. Not a great choice of games left however (Xbox, anyway).

SirHugo :thumbsup:

I suspect the offer was that store alone - I bought around a dozen games yesterday evening, they did not go through bogof!

I managed to buy 7 PS3 games for £60 on Boxing Day, all sealed - was really chuffed. Personally, the games which are left are probably not worth buying so the new BOGOF doesn't make me mad :P

This deal is not nationwide - asked the manager at my local branch and he said that it does not exist. must have been that store only.

They still had loads of copies of resistance 1 at £9.97 and a few others that would have been good value at bogof.

It must just be your store .. i just called pc world advisors and they said they not heard of the offer .. they then called my local pc world and spoke to the manager and he said they have no such offer .. very strange ..

they are not bogof, but the games which has stickers on them for £9.97 are half price, which is £4.97, brought virtua fighter 5 & stranglehold for £9.94 on xbox360, and burnout paradise for £9.97 for ps3


i will be annoyed if this is true .. i got ghost recon 2 from there for … i will be annoyed if this is true .. i got ghost recon 2 from there for £9.97 and there was no signs ..

Just been in today and bought loads ... :thumbsup:

Col ..

I asked again today - they even scanned one - no joy.

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Seems as though this is a more common offer now, as it looks like more stores are offering it as posted in a few other threads.

Went into the Portsmouth branch this afternoon and they had bins full of stuff all cheapish and BOGOF which had to put through tills manually.
From what I remember:
Dead Space £19.97
Oblivion GOTY edition £14.97
Hulk £19.97
Xbox 360
Beijing £9.97
Legendary £19.97
Medal of Honour Airborne £9.97
Rainbow Six Vegas 2 £9.97
Alone in the Dark £9.97 (I think)
No More Heroes £9.97
PES 2008 £19.97
Remember if you can find 2 you can effectively half the price if they are the same price.
They did have others like Tombraider but they were £34.97 so with BOGOF still not that cheap. There were also bins of PC, DS and PSP games but didnt look at those closely apart from LOTR Online for £2.97. Hope this helps anybody local to the store.
p.s. They were taking games off main shelves into trolleys so more may appear with the sticker on for BOGOF.

Got the following from the Salisbury store today -

No More Heroes (Wii) £9.97
Battle of the Bands (Wii) £9.97
Resistance of Man (Ps3) £9.97
Medal of Honor Airborne (Ps3) £9.97

All on BOGOF - Plus there was loads of other available on 360 and DS formats.

I also got 2 x Madcatz Wireless controllers for the PS3 for £4.97 on BOGOF.
They weren't meant to be BOGOF, as it only applies to software, but argued the toss that they shouldn't be displayed on the BOGOF table then - they agreed :-D
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