Reduced Deodorants instore @ Boots!
Reduced Deodorants instore @ Boots!

Reduced Deodorants instore @ Boots!

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Just been to my local boots and they had quite a few brand named deodorants/anti-perspirants reduced in price! Nivea sprays were down to 50p for example! Some down to £1! Some roll-ons were down as low as 18p!!
This wasn't a clearance section it was where they are usually with normal tags on them!
The individual offers may be store specific so check your local boots!!


handy in this heat!!!!!!

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Exactly what i was thinking!! Can't go wrong at that price!

:thumbsup:cheers for this - trying to get my girls to use roll on
i prefer soft & gentle but the way my girls spray - jeez - ozone layer is non existent over my house with them!!

Good find, will look later to see if mine has them reduced.

Kelly'N'Steve, ridding the world of smelly people:-D
Great deal:thumbsup:

Ooh hopefully the Nivea Deodorant is one of them

Good find, heat added :thumbsup:

thanks a lot. can someone let me know if they got these there as its the only 1 i use and its quite pricey.


I went in Boots this afternoon after I saw the post (only a small local one) and i couldn't see any that looked cheaper than normal on the shelves, so it may be store specific, or they may not of changed the prices on the shelves yet

gonna need this in this weather

thanks for the geads up

sorry heads up lol

what boots did you visit by the way ?

It's already making a wonderful difference in Hull. Now if they would only reduce toothpaste aswell ...

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what boots did you visit by the way ?

Camborne in Cornwall.

Hello one and all.

Just a gentle reminder to please avoid all things like this which have aluminium anything in them as they suppress sweating by "blocking" pores.

Sweating may not be pretty but it is pretty essential and problems with blocked sweat glands and/or lymph node problems are best avoided. This is particularly true for the ladies amongst us.

Ignore that this is from the Daily Mail, it was written by an Oncologist



keep well away from cibarious !!!! i bet they stink :roll:

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What on earth are you meant to use then?
You shouldn't listen to everything you hear! If you did you just wouldn't be able to live!

thanks for the heads up, voted hot

Well one and all, I am >>so
Regrettably, believing everything that the chemical companies tell you is a an excellent approach, as that enables them to sell you every pill, potion and additive they want, however bad it is for you.

I suppose that you also believe that it is as safe to consume artificial sweeteners rather than sugar, hydrogenated fat rather than butter and KFC rather than real chicken?

In direct reply to nono2522, you are absolutely correct, we all stink :-D, of rather nice things like Aloe Vera and other excellent stuff which manages to do all the things that the Aluminium salts do, without the side effects. :thumbsup:

In direct reply to Kelly 'n' Steve, I don't believe all that I am told but I >>do
I apologise to all of you for getting in the way of your saving money.:roll:


My local boots didnt have this.
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