Reduced Stuff = Free?
Reduced Stuff = Free?

Reduced Stuff = Free?

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Just got back from my local Co-op, they had loads of packs of stewing beef reduced to clear were previously £3.49 bogof down to 90p, i picked up 2 and a loaf of bread for 75p and went to the checkout and when it all got scanned through my total was 75p, looked at my recipt and it scanned 90p 90p and took the £3.49 (or what it could take) for the bogof meaning i had 2 packs for freeeeeee!!!!!

dont know if anyone has tried this before, ill be in there daily now!!! ha ha ha

(sorry didnt know where 2 put this, am new be nice to meee!!!)


BOGOF's don't normally go through if a product in the co-op has been reduced - there are often signs near the reduced counters saying promo offers don't apply.
Looks like you may have just been lucky!

Yep, not a 'deal' as such really.

you were lucky all the Supermarkets got wise to this several years ago it used to happen all the time

Very lucky indeed- my co-op have to scan and then over ride the price manually so nice one and enjoy :thumbsup:

At the Metro at the top of Horninglow road in Burton on Trent they've always made the same 'error'. My mum was silly enough to tell the staff and they just went: 'oh'.

And yes, i've been specific about the location so we can all go there and get free Jubes. Tommorow, half 8ish, when the bargains are at the optimum sale/mank balance? lol. CHARGE!

edit: Someone should bring spoons for the dips.
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