Reduced Sun Lotion 95p @ Tesco

Reduced Sun Lotion 95p @ Tesco

Found 7th Feb 2016
Walked into my local Tesco (West Bromwich Store) to find out they was selling off sun lotion..

Nivea Sun (Protect & Refresh) Factor 15/30 was £11 and Reduced to £1.10

Piz Buin (Tan & Protect) Factor 15/30 was £9.50 reduced to £0.95
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was there many left

hiwas there many left

Around 50 bottles of piz Buin and 30 bottle of the Nivea sun
why am I not surprised that they still have lots of stock ?
is it waterproof ? so I can wear it tomorrow in the torrential downpours in the UK ? LOL
Wear it out tonight as wind smear.
Get in there quick before Rodney buys the lot.
Averaging it out to how long the bottle will last in the UK, I make that about 1p per year. Not bad.
Do you mean the sun lotion has a price cut or this is lotion specifically for the U.K because we have reduced sun?

Shame we don't get a bit more wind.
Can't remember the last time we had anything like a gentle breeze.


Wear it out tonight as wind smear.

Instead of factor 6 it could be wind protection gale force 9.
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